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Hellfire missile gets first firing in UK

Apache fires Hellfire missile
Image caption An Apache helicopter fires a Hellfire missile during Exercise Joint Warrior

A tank-busting missile has been fired in the UK for the first time, the Royal Navy has said.

Hellfire missiles were launched from British Apache helicopters during operations in Afghanistan and Libya.

But the missiles' first firing in the UK came during the Joint Warrior training exercise, which has been taking place around Scotland.

Two Apaches flying from HMS Illustrious fired on targets in the sea off northern Scotland.

The Royal Navy said: "For the first time the tank-busting Hellfire missile has been fired in the UK as HMS Illustrious and the Army Air Corps let rip off the Scottish coast during the biggest military exercise of the year.

"Two Apache helicopters from 656 Squadron Army Air Corps fired one Hellfire missile each at a training target that was positioned by HMS Illustrious in the sea off northern Scotland."

Joint Warrior will end later this week near West Freugh, south of Stranraer.

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