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Inverness woman's dog put down after swallowing cable

X-ray showing electric razor cable and plug
Image caption An x-ray showing the electric razor cable and plug inside the dog

A woman delayed in getting treatment for her dog after it became emaciated and extremely ill, Inverness Sheriff Court has heard.

Janette Milne, 28, from Inverness, did not know that her English bull terrier, Henry, had eaten a cable and plug from an electric razor.

However, the court heard that she should have taken him to a vet earlier because of his poor condition.

Milne admitted causing her pet unnecessary suffering.

She also admitted failing to provide adequate treatment for the dog, which had to be put down.

Sheriff Ian Abercrombie deferred sentence until 20 September for a social work report.

Fiscal depute Heather Swan told the court that a Scottish SPCA inspector had seen Henry and been concerned about the state of the dog.

The fiscal said: "Milne said Henry had only been ill for three days and it was because she thought neighbours had been feeding it mushrooms which made it unwell.

"An appointment had been made at the Culloden veterinary surgery later that day, but the inspector was concerned that Henry wouldn't last that long.

"An emergency appointment was made immediately and it then emerged that Milne had made an appointment the previous day but had cancelled it."

When Henry was examined it was found that the dog had swallowed a plug and cable.

Because of the damage to his intestines, Henry had be put down.

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