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Register of 'official Loch Ness Monster sightings' hits 20

Tree trunk in Loch Ness Image copyright Thinkstock

The Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register is 20 years old.

Inverness-based chartered accountant Gary Campbell, the keeper of the register, has logged more than 1,077 sightings since the record started.

He has accepted one sighting so far this year, from a visitor to the Highlands from Texas.

The tourist took photographs of a dark object which she said was just under the surface of the loch and following the boat she was on.

Last year, five sightings were accepted for the register - the most in 13 years.

Mr Campbell, who believes a large fish or eel is behind the monster claims, said the majority of sightings were not included because they could be explained.

He said: "Anything that is later proved to a hoax or can be subsequently explained is removed from the register.

"When I started the register I never expected to be doing it this long but after 20 years nobody has solved it - so I expect I will be doing this to the day I die."

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