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Grampian Police officers receive pedal bike training

Image caption Grampian Police said training could prevent cycling injuries

Lessons in how to get onto a bike and pedal are being given to officers from Grampian Police.

A one-day training course is accompanied by a 17-page booklet.

The document states that the safest and recommended method of starting off is to straddle the bicycle before pedalling.

A Grampian Police spokesman said the training was essential for force cyclists, particularly those involved in chases.

The manual explains: "Unless a person is a regular cyclist before commencing bike patrol duties, a conditioning process is inevitable.

"This process, which includes the re-training of muscles and the toughening of the backside, can cause discomfort.

"In most cases time on the bike is the only way to cure the problem. For some people, rear end toughening can take up to three weeks of daily cycling."

It adds: "A diet which relies heavily on junk food is neither appropriate or healthy."

The force spokesman said: "Cyclists are among the most vulnerable road users and as such it would be negligent of the force to fail to provide adequate training for officers.

"Police cyclists can be involved in pursuits and as such are given advanced training to ensure their safety."

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