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Scottish SPCA condemns dirty Aberdeen animal home women

Dirty flat [Pic: Scottish SPCA]
Image caption The Scottish SCPA condemned the conditions pets were found in

The Scottish SCPA has hit out after two women were fined for keeping pets in "horrendous" conditions in Aberdeen.

Andrienne and Jean Warman were fined £300 and banned from keeping animals for a year.

They admitted failing to provide suitable living conditions - including faeces eight inches deep - when they appeared at the city's sheriff court.

The Scottish SPCA said the case was "absolutely disgusting" and longer bans would have been justified.

The animal charity's inspector Fiona McKenzie said of Thursday's sentencing: "We believe life bans from keeping animals would have been appropriate for a case as horrendous as this.

"The conditions in the household were among the worst we've ever seen in this area."

She added: "Thankfully all of the animals were able to be rehomed through various rescue organisations."

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