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Nurse 'gave patient salt cellar instead of inhaler'

Woodend Hospital
Image caption The incidents are alleged to have happened at Aberdeen's Woodend Hospital

A nurse handed an asthmatic patient a salt cellar instead of an inhaler at an Aberdeen hospital, a hearing has been told.

Nicanor Sindanum is alleged to have made a series of mistakes at Woodend Hospital between 2006 and 2008.

Ward manager Nicola Brownie told the Nursing and Midwifery Council hearing the salt cellar incident happened in 2007.

She said the nurse's notes were also not complete.

The ward manager said she decided to watch Mr Sindanum after a female patient asked for her inhaler.

She said: "Without looking at the patient's notes, staff nurse Sindanum opened the drug locker and took out an inhaler.

"He did not take out the relevant inhaler, and the patient said 'not that one - the other one'. He handed her her inhaler, and following this, the patient asked for her second inhaler and he handed her another one.

"She again said 'not that one, the other one', and he appeared to have difficulty locating the remaining inhaler.

"He then picked up a salt cellar and handed it to the patient."

Mrs Brownie said she checked the woman's notes and found that Mr Sindanum had not recorded having given her the inhalers.

Of another incident, she said two nurses had to intervene after Mr Sindanum continued to feed a patient who was obviously choking.

The hearing continues.

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