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Volunteers for University of Aberdeen brain study into dementia wanted

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Image caption The research will look at how the brain changes during ageing

Volunteers are being sought for a University of Aberdeen brain study into dementia.

It is hoped the research will provide new understanding of how the brain changes during the ageing process.

Scientists are seeking for 30 healthy adults between the ages of 20 and 60 to take part in the study.

They are looking to understand if there is a relationship between the compliance of the brain - its stiffness - and dementia.

Dr Gordon Waiter, senior lecturer in Computational Neuroimaging, said: "We think that as the brain gets older it becomes stiffer which means it is less able to absorb the blood pressure waves which occur in the brain every time our heart beats.

"Our study is aiming to investigate whether there is a link between this stiffness, and dementia."

Medical history

He said: "We're looking for a group who are free of neurological or mental health problems.

"Volunteers should not have an illness that affects their brain, heart, circulation, breathing or lungs, or a previous medical history of migraines.

"They should not suffer from high blood pressure, or have a previous medical history or family history of bleeding in the brain or previous brain surgery."

Volunteers taking part in the study will need to have a brain scan using an MRI scanner.

It is being funded by a £16,000 grant from Alzheimer's Research UK.

Anyone interested in taking part can contact Dawn Younie on 01224 559803 or via

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