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Kai the station dog: Woman 'thought he was stolen'

Abandoned dog Kai Image copyright Scottish SPCA
Image caption The dog was bought at Ayr station before being found tied up with a suitcase of its belogings

A woman left a dog tied up at a railway station with its belongings in a suitcase because she believed it had been stolen.

The male Shar-Pei crossbreed - named Kai - made headlines around the world after being discovered outside Ayr station earlier this month.

The Scottish SPCA received offers of a home for the dog from America.

Fin Rayner said she arranged to buy the dog from a man - but panicked as she thought she had been duped.

Ms Rayner, of Newmachar, Aberdeenshire, said her young daughter had spotted an advert for the dog on the internet, and she travelled to Ayr buy it.

She said she feared when she first saw the dog that it was not the same one that had been advertised.

"We had been messaging back and forward for a couple of days about the dog. He was supposed to be a one-year-old and his name was Pluto," she said.

"The man turned up eventually and he stopped in his car and told me to go up to the car park.

Image copyright Singapore News
Image caption The dog made headlines around the world

"He opened the door, came out with the dog on the lead and the suitcase.

"I wear glasses and I didn't have them with me so I thought maybe I needed to take him into the light to have a proper look at him."

Ms Rayner said she became suspicious when the man said he was in a hurry and was not keen for her to take the Shar-Pei for a walk to check him over.

He asked her to give him a deposit so she handed over £150 then walked towards the station door.

'I panicked'

She said: "Before I got to the door, I looked back and he was gone - he had disappeared in his car.

"I got into the station and the dog wasn't settling. He was pulling on the lead and peeing everywhere.

"I thought that it wasn't my dog - I didn't want him."

Ms Rayner said she felt sorry for the dog and called its owner to tell him to come back for his pet and he agreed.

She said there was still no sign of him 15 minutes later and that she knew she had to get on the next train to Glasgow to catch the last bus back to Aberdeen.

She decided she had no option other than to return home with the dog - but changed her mind after getting a phone call from her teenage son.

Ms Rayner said her son warned her that the dog could have been stolen.

"I panicked. I suffer from a panic disorder so I panicked even more and thought I could have a stolen dog now," she said.

"I spoke to a man at the station and told him that it wasn't my dog.

"I told the guy I needed to get the next train. So the guy knew, and he said to tie him so I did."

The suitcase included the dog's pillow, toy, food bowl and food.

The Scottish SPCA traced a previous owner through the dog's microchip but were told it was sold in 2013 to someone they did not have details for.

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