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Teenagers stole Lamborghini and BMW in Aberdeen

Jason Grant and Connor Smart Image copyright Newsline

Two teenagers have been found guilty of stealing a £100,000 Lamborghini and a BMW X5.

Jason Grant, 17, and Connor Smart, 18, broke into the car owner's home in the Oakhill Grange area of Aberdeen in the middle of the night and stole three sets of car keys.

They crashed the Lamborghini and were caught after an app was used to track an iPhone they had also stolen.

Sentence on the pair was deferred until next month.

They denied the charges but a jury of eight men and seven women at Aberdeen Sheriff Court found them guilty.

During the trial a medical student who lives in the Oakhill Grange development in the west end of the city identified Grant as the driver of the Lamborghini.

She said she had looked out of her bedroom window when she heard the noise of a car coming from a neighbour's house on 4 August last year.

Loud revving

Kimberley Murdoch, 26, said there were lots of high performance cars in her neighbourhood and thought it was a strange time of the morning for her neighbour to be out.

She said: "I heard the revving of what sounded like a supercar.

"It was approximately three o'clock in the morning."

The 26-year-old said she initially thought it might be her neighbour's Bentley or Aston Martin but looked out of her bedroom window and noticed both cars parked outside.

Then she saw a white Lamborghini drive past her window a few minutes later.

She said: "I saw that there was one occupant in the car. It was a male. It appeared that the driver wasn't familiar with driving that type of vehicle.

"The revving was extremely loud for the speed that the car was trying to go at."

Car owner Colin Crighton and his partner woke up in the early hours of the morning to find his cars had gone along with the keys for his Aston Martin Vanquish.

Police were called out to reports of a car crash on the city's Lewis Road at about 03:09.

When officers arrived at the collision scene, they found the damaged Lamborghini and a van lying on its side on a pavement. The driver had left the scene.

Police were led directly to Smart's family home after the car owner used an app to track down an iPhone also taken in the break-in on his computer.

Sheriff Graeme Buchanan remanded both teenagers in custody and deferred sentence for background reports.

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