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Oil industry executive jailed for dealing cocaine

High Court in Glasgow
Image caption The court heard the cocaine was discovered in Wallace's flat last December

A former project manager in the oil industry has been jailed for 54 months for dealing cocaine.

Martin Wallace, 49, from Aberdeen was caught after a water leak from his flat dripped into the property below.

Police found two kilos of the drug, ranging in quality from one to 77%, with a maximum street value of £182,000.

Wallace admitted being involved in the supply of cocaine between 1 November and 9 December last year.

Lord Beckett told him: 'You are someone who has had a good record of responsible employment for most of your life.

"However, your premises were used for five weeks for a reasonably sophisticated drug operation and you were involved in the distribution.

"The cocaine was of a considerable value."

The High Court in Glasgow heard that the 75-year-old woman who lived in the flat below tried to contact Wallace without success.

She then phoned a plumber who confirmed the leak was coming from the flat above.

As a last resort the woman contacted police who forced entry to investigate.

'Fall from grace'

In an attic bedroom the officers found a rolled up £20 note, white powder and a press.

They obtained a warrant to search the flat and discovered a drivers' licence in the name of Martin Wallace, what appeared to be a tick list and, in a bread bin in the kitchen, a tub of white powder.

Further blocks of the Class A drug were found in the master bedroom.

Defence advocate David Moggach said: "This was a spectacular fall from grace. Money was short, but he accepts he shouldn't have done this.

Mr Moggach told the court that Wallace was a project manager in the oil industry until 2013 when he took time off to care for his sister.

The advocate added: "At this time he started taking cocaine because of stress. He purchased two flats in Aberdeen and hoped to make money renting them out to make a profit.

"One of the flats was let to tenants who were involved in drug dealing and he became involved in their enterprise for financial gain.

"It was a very foolish thing to do."

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