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Scottish election: Other smaller parties


The party was started earlier this year by two Angus councillors, David Fairweather and Peter Nield.

Mr Nield has been an Arbroath councillor for 12 years - 10 of them as a Liberal Democrat and as an independent for the last two years. Mr Fairweather has also served as an independent councillor for Arbroath since 2007.

The party says it wants immigrants coming to UK to have five years health insurance prior to entry. It also wants criminals to be either educated or to work in the community secured together with electronic tags.

Mr Fairweather is standing in the Angus South constituency and Mr Nield in the north east regional list.


The newly-formed Ban Bankers Bonuses Party has been set up to fight the "irresponsible" behaviour of banks.

Inverness entrepreneur Kit Fraser and independent West Dunbartonshire councillor Willie McLaughlin created the party together.

They will be standing in the Highlands and Islands and West of Scotland regional lists respectively.

Mr Fraser has fought in previous Scottish and UK elections for the Publican Party, which called for a repeal of the smoking ban.


The Christian People's Alliance was formed in 1999 by Christians from the main parties who were dissatisfied by the rise of secularism.

The non-denominational party is standing four candidates in two regions, Lothian and Mid Scotland and Fife.

The CPA says its focus is tackling poverty and homelessness.

It is a separate party to the Scottish Christian Party, which is fielding nearly 40 candidates in this election.


The British party was formed in 1988 but can trace its origins back to 1920.

It is one of hundreds of communist parties throughout the world and describes itself as a Marxist-Leninist organisation.

It believes the economy should be based on a combination of workers' co-operatives and state-owned enterprises.

It is standing one candidate for election, Marc Livingstone, who is running in the Glasgow Anniesland constituency.


The Land Party is a new party which wants to bring about what it calls a "landocracy".

It defines this concept as "a political and economic system based on equal rights and responsibilities to land".

The party wants to introduce a Land Value Tax based on how much it is used and damaged during its use.

The party's only candidate, Mick Heenan, is contesting the Cowdenbeath constituency in the 5 May election.


The Liberal Party says its chief concern is the rights and opportunities of the individual.

Its election pamphlet states identity cards are "the key to a totalitarian state".

The party also supports the legalisation of drugs "to cut out gangsters", more low-cost housing, free university education and a more welcoming policy towards asylum seekers.

The party is fielding two candidates; George White in the Highlands list and the Argyll and Bute constituency; and John Hein in the Lothians.


The party was formed last year because it believes Scotland deserve more from its politicians.

It has two candidates; John Mitchell in Glasgow and Nadia Rosenberg in Central Scotland.

The party's manifesto says it stands for "real democracy, real fairness and real justice for the people".

It says it would stop Turkey becoming part of the EU, as well as stopping means testing for pensioners and bringing back capital punishment for terrorists and murderers.


The party was formed in 1986 and says its aim is maintaining Scotland's place within the union.

It has four candidates in this year's election; Danny Houston and Alan Kennedy on the Glasgow list and Jim Nixon and Michael Haigh in Central Scotland.

The party wants to replace the Scottish Parliament, which it describes as expensive, over-bureaucratic and ineffective, with "genuine devolution to Scotland's local authorities".

It also opposes state-funded Roman Catholic education, which it says is divisive.


There are also a number of independent candidates standing in the Scottish election.

There are four on the Lothian list; Margo MacDonald; Mev Brown; David John Hogg and Ken O'Neill.

Another three independents are standing on the North East list; John Cox; David Henderson and Andrew McBride.

Other independents standing on list seats are; Hugh O'Donnell in Central; Caroline Johnstone in Glasgow; Andrew Rodger in Mid Scotland and Fife and Richard Vassie in the West of Scotland list.

Eleven independents are standing in constituencies; John Houston in East Kilbride; George Rice in Dumbarton; Jesse Rae in Ettrick, Roxburgh & Berwickshire; John McKee in Glasgow Cathcart; Tom Muirhead in Glasgow Kelvin; Alan Hay in Midlothian North & Musselburgh; James Stockan in Orkney Islands; Jack Black in Stirling; Billy Fox in Shetland Islands; Ronnie Campbell in Skye, Lochaber & Badenoch; and Marie Boulton in Aberdeen South and North Kincardine.

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