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Democracy Live duo set Holyrood end-of-year quiz

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HI, We're Craig Hutchison and Rachael Connors and we run BBC Scotland's Democracy Live website. During the parliamentary year we cover what happens in the chamber and committee rooms. See if you can answer the questions we've set in this end-of-year Holyrood quiz.......

Craig Hutchison and Rachael Connors

1.) Multiple Choice Question

How many SNP MSPs are there in the Scottish Parliament?

Holyrood chamber
  1. 37
  2. 68
  3. 69
  4. 58

2.) Multiple Choice Question

Who did Tricia Marwick beat into second place in the vote to become presiding officer?

Tricia Marwick
  1. David McLetchie
  2. Christine Grahame
  3. Hugh Henry
  4. Sarah Boyack

3.) Multiple Choice Question

What is the name of the new ministerial post created in December 2011?

Forth Bridge
  1. Forth crossing minister
  2. Trams minister
  3. Youth employment minister

4.) Multiple Choice Question

What bill was kicked out of the park for six months, but finally passed this month?

Tartan trousers
  1. Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications Bill
  2. Everyone has to Wear Tartan Bill
  3. Offensive Football Communications and Threatening Behaviour Bill

5.) Multiple Choice Question

Who officially opened the Scottish Parliament for its fourth term in July?

Scottish Parliament mace
  1. Dave the Doorman
  2. David Cameron
  3. Queen Elizabeth II
  4. Alex Salmond

6.) Multiple Choice Question

What was the name of the gypsy who foretold Alex Salmond's future?

Cystal Ball
  1. Amolia
  2. Amalia
  3. Amelia
  4. Amilia

7.) Multiple Choice Question

Which woman political stalwart took a final bow from the spotlight in autumn this year?

four MSP women
  1. Annabel Goldie
  2. Margo Macdonald
  3. Alison McInnes
  4. Christine Grahame

8.) Multiple Choice Question

Which MSP took a "baby" into the chamber during a member's debate?

baby's hand
  1. Jenny Marra
  2. Michael McMahon
  3. Christina McKelvie
  4. Kezia Dugdale

9.) Multiple Choice Question

When is the independence referendum likely to take place?

ballot box
  1. Autumn 2012
  2. In the second part of this parliamentary term
  3. In the next parliamentary term

10.) Multiple Choice Question

Who is the Scottish Parliament's youngest MSP?

  1. Jamie Hepburn
  2. Mark Griffin
  3. Aileen Campbell
  4. Ruth Davidson


  1. Officially, there are 68 SNP MSPs because the presiding officer, Tricia Marwick, had to resign from the SNP on her election.
  2. Labour MSP Hugh Henry came second in the poll of Holyrood's 129 members. Christine Grahame, SNP MSP, also stood for the post.
  3. Angela Constance was appointed to the new post of youth employment minister. (Hope the Forth crossing picture didn't lead you down the wrong path!)
  4. The bill was.... The Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications Bill and it was passed on 14 December.
  5. The Queen has opened each of Scotland's Parliaments. She told the chamber: "Now, in its second decade, the Scottish Parliament is firmly established as an integral part of Scottish public life."
  6. During one FMQs in September, Labour's Iain Gray disclosed that there was pictorial evidence of Alex Salmond consulting a fortune teller, one Gypsy Amalia.
  7. It was Annabel Goldie, who after six years leading the Scottish Conservative Party called it a day - leading the way for newbie MSP Ruth Davidson to take over.
  8. Kezia Dugdale was one MSP who brought in her simulator baby to the chamber, ahead of a Scottish Parliament debate on affordable childcare.
  9. It will take place in the second part of this parliamentary term, as set out in the SNP's election campaign.
  10. Mark Griffin - born 19/10/85 - is the youngest MSP. Ruth Davidson [top right] was born in November 1978; Jamie Hepburn [bottom left] was born in May 1979 and Aileen Campbell [top left] was born in May 1980.

Your Score

0 - 4 : Democracy Live homework!

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8 - 10 : Class swot

Helpful hint - read our parliamentary review of the year before attempting the quiz.

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