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Scottish council election: SNP manifesto at-a-glance

The SNP council election manifesto has pledged to put jobs and families across Scotland at the forefront of its campaign.

The party also wants to win more seats and councillors than any other party.

Here is a look at the main policies:

  • Build 5,000 council houses.
  • "Maintain momentum" on projects to help cities compete internationally.
  • Keep small business bonus scheme.
  • Work with Scottish government to re-channel pension fund billions, currently invested beyond Scotland, into infrastructure projects.
  • Transparency in council contract awards.
  • Develop individual social enterprise strategies.
  • Grow tourism by working with private and public sector groups.
  • Guarantee learning or training opportunity to every 16 to 19-year-old.
  • Maintain teacher numbers in line with pupil numbers and secure places for all probationers under the teacher induction scheme.
  • Freeze council tax until 2016.
  • Every three and four-year-old and every looked-after two-year-old child to get legal entitlement to at least 600 hours of pre-school education per year.
  • Introduce the living wage by April 2013.