As-it-happened: First Minister's Questions on Thursday, 13 December

Key points

  • First Minister Alex Salmond answered questions from opposition party leaders and backbenchers during his weekly Q&A at the Scottish Parliament.
  • Following FMQs, Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is to make a statement to MSPs later on an independent Scotland's membership of the EU
  • In other news this week, the Scottish government published its proposed legislation to introduce gay marriage and announced a public consultation.

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  • Sandy Murray 
  • Stuart Nicolson 
  • Andrew Black 

Last updated 13 December 2012


Hello and welcome to our weekly coverage of First Minister's Questions. Follow all the action from 12 noon onwards.


Brian Taylor, Political editor, Scotland

"Given the sensitivity, it is understandable that the draft Bill to introduce same sex marriage in Scotland is hedged round by vigorously worded and repeatedly stated reassurance. Assurance to churches - although the Church of Scotland, for example, says it remains to be convinced that the statements will prove sufficiently robust in practice..... read more from my blog"


General questions are taking place in the Holyrood chamber, ahead of Mr Salmond answering questions from opposition party leaders and backbench MSPs.


Gavin Brown asks the Scottish government when it will next meet Scottish Enterprise. John Swinney, Finance Secretary, said he met with the body yesterday.


Graeme Pearson asks the Scottish government what action is being taken to replace substandard road markings on the A75 and A76 trunk roads. Keith Brown, transport Secretary, said further works are expected before the end of the year and more work will take place next year.


Johann Lamont takes centre stage - FMQs begins.


First Minister Alex Salmond outlines details of a funding deal on new tidal energy technology for Orkney.


The Labour leader says the Scotsman newspaper had been accused of getting its EC story wrong. The paper turned out to be right, she adds. Will the FM be apologising to the paper as it is now clear they were not wrong, she asks.