Scotland politics

What do Scottish nationalists want?

What is the thinking behind the plan for independence being set out by the Scottish National Party?

Is it a radical plan for change, or a conservative one to avoid change, protecting the entitlements built up for Scots through Britain's welfare state?

Is it Westminster that's pulling away from the rest of Britain with reforms for English public services?

And while most Scottish nationalists see the country's future within Europe, what happens if an English majority vote to take the United Kingdom out of the European Union?

Those are some of the questions addressed in an 'Analysis' radio programme on BBC Radio 4.

Presented by Douglas Fraser, BBC Scotland's business and economy editor, it includes contributions from former SNP leader Gordon Wilson and former deputy leader Jim Sillars, from cabinet secretaries Nicola Sturgeon and Kenny MacAskill, as well as assessments of the SNP by leading academics.

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