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Scottish independence reports: Defence

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  • Scotland analysis: Defence (UK government) (8 October 2013) - The UK government said Scotland benefited from billions of pounds of Ministry of Defence contracts but, under independence, would no longer be eligible for contracts which the UK government chose to place or compete domestically for reasons of national security, an issue which it said would be a particular concern for the Scottish shipbuilding industry.
  • Scotland analysis: Security (UK government) (29 October 2013) - The UK government said independence would put at risk access to the intelligence and security information and networks which Scotland currently enjoys as part of the UK, and that the SNP's £2.5bn security and defence budget would buy only limited capabilities.
  • Securing the nation: Defending an independent Scotland (Scottish Global Forum) (12 November 2013) - The think tank said that, on the balance of available information, there seemed no question that an independent Scotland would be able to fund and maintain a defence operation of the kind outlined by the SNP government.