Scottish independence: Your questions answered

The Scottish independence referendum debate is being discussed at length by experts and voters in a series of BBC webcasts.

Information and analysis

Interviewees, who have been answering questions submitted by BBC website users, have looked at a variety of issues, including defence, culture and the economy in an independent Scotland.

The historic referendum will take place on Thursday, 18 September, 2014, when voters in Scotland will be asked a single question: "Should Scotland be an independent country?"

Click on the videos to see how the guests dealt with your questions.

Common Weal approach debated

Defence issues discussed

'Common weal' advocate Willie Sullivan and Spectator journalist Alex Massie give their assessment of the independence referendum.

Academic Dr Phillips O'Brien answers your questions on defence in an independent Scotland.

Young voters views

Culture and arts in spotlight

Young first-time voters have their say on the prospect of going to the ballot box in the Scottish independence referendum.

Stuart Braithwaite, Pauline McNeill and Jim Tough answer your questions on culture in an independent Scotland.

Academics on the economy

Post White Paper analysis

Robin McAlpine; Prof John Struthers; Prof Mike Danson and Ben Thomson answering your economy and business questions.

Scottish government adviser Prof Andrew Hughes-Hallett answers your questions days after the publication of the White Paper on independence.

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