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BBC's Democracy Live sets the 2013 Holyrood quiz

Holyrood in 2013

BBC Scotland's Democracy Live reporters, Craig Hutchison and David Martin, have been looking back at 2013 and the political year. Here, they test your knowledge of the last 12 months.....

Holyrood chamber

1.) Numbers game

Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond launched the independence White Paper on 26 November at Glasgow Science Centre. How many pages does it have?

Alex Salmond holds the White Paper
  1. 670
  2. 1314
  3. 1603

2.) The future

On what date will Scotland go to the polls to vote on independence?

Ballot Box
  1. 23 July, 2014
  2. 18 September, 2014
  3. 30 November, 2014

3.) Making choices

What is the question voters will have to answer in the independence referendum?

September 2014 sign
  1. Should Scotland be an independent country?
  2. Should Scotland leave the European Union?
  3. Should Scotland remain part of the United Kingdom?

4.) New role

Who became Secretary of State for Scotland following the sacking of Michael Moore in October?

Palace of Westminster
  1. Alastair Campbell
  2. Alistair Darling
  3. Alistair Carmichael

5.) In and out

Which Labour politician replaced disgraced former MSP Bill Walker representing Dunfermline?

Dunfermline winner
  1. Claudia Beamish
  2. Kezia Dugdale
  3. Cara Hilton

6.) Scottish industry

Whose Scottish Parliament constituency is Govan Shipyard in?

Govan shipyard
  1. Nicola Sturgeon
  2. Johann Lamont
  3. Sandra White

7.) VIP visit

Which African president addressed the parliament earlier this year?

Scottish Parliament building
  1. Dr Joyce Banda
  2. Paul Biya
  3. Goodluck Jonathan

8.) Meow, meow

Which MSP saw her call for a resident Holyrood cat rejected, despite her claim mice were "flaunting themselves" around Holyrood?

Cat, generic
  1. Elaine Murray MSP
  2. Christine Grahame MSP
  3. Linda Fabiani MSP


  1. The A5-sized publication has 670 pages. Of course, 1314 is the year in which the battle of Bannockburn took place and 1603 is the year of the union of the crowns.
  2. The Scottish government will hold the historic vote on 18 September next year. July 23 is the start of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and November 30 is St Andrew's Day.
  3. The Electoral Commission approved the question: Should Scotland be an independent country? The UK government has proposed a referendum on EU membership in 2017.
  4. Liberal Democrat MP for Orkney and Sheltland, Alistair Carmichael, took over the Scottish Secretary role on 7 October.
  5. Labour candidate Cara Hilton won the seat at the end of October with a majority of 2,873.
  6. Johann Lamont, who is the Labour MSP for Glasgow Pollock, has the shipyard in her constituency. Sandra White is the SNP MSP for Glasgow Kelvin; Nicola Sturgeon is the SNP MSP for Glasgow Southside.
  7. President of Malawi Dr Joyce Banda addressed MSPs in March. Paul Biya is the president of Cameroon and Goodluck Jonathan is the President of Nigeria.
  8. Justice committee convener Christine Grahame made the plea at Corporate Body Questions in the chamber in June but it was rejected on health and safety grounds.

Your Score

0 - 3 : You're suspended

4 - 6 : Backbench hopeful

7 - 8 : Frontbench promotion

Helpful hint - read our parliamentary review of the year before attempting the quiz.

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