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Scottish Labour conference: Labour publishes 'Red Paper' vision for Scotland

Labour has unveiled its "Red Paper" vision for the future of Scotland, which it hopes to send to every Scottish household.

It has been billed as a pro-Union alternative to the Scottish government's White Paper.

Deputy Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar said it gave clarity to what his party stood for as it makes its bid for a return to power.

The paper will be delivered ahead of the independence referendum.

The document covers issues including health, education and childcare.

Mr Sarwar said people had asked, following the SNP's landslide election win in 2011, what Labour meant.

He explained: "This document answers that question.

"This isn't just a values document, because values without ideas are meaningless.

"This is a positive constitutional, economic and social alternative. Real values, real people, real choices and real ideas to change the lives of people in Scotland."

The red paper's policies include;

  • A "balanced and fair tax plan", with a 10p starting rate of tax and a 50p tax rate for those earning £150,000 a year or more
  • "No privatisation" of the health service in Scotland under a Labour government, with the promise of a fundamental review of the service for the 21st century
  • Families could benefit from 25 hours a week of free childcare and Labour also aims to lift 100,000 children in Scotland out of poverty by 2021
  • And a pledge to repeal controversial laws aimed at curbing sectarianism in football in Scotland if it wins the next Holyrood election.

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