Scottish independence: Voters on 100 days to go

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There are now 100 days to go until Scotland's independence referendum vote on 18 September.

Voters will be asked the straight Yes/No question: "Should Scotland be an independent country?".

We asked seven undecided voters - four from our People's Panel and three from our Generation 2014 group - what they expect to see happen over the next 100 days.

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Ian Kinghorn
Ian Kinghorn Ian, 68, lives in Edinburgh and is a retired driving instructor

"To be honest, I'm not sure either side has got enough to say that would be sufficiently concrete.

"The last thing that came out was, they were equally saying: "Oh yes, you'll all be better off if it goes our way". But neither of them really has enough information to back that up because it's all built on speculation.

"So I think they're both going to have a real problem coming up with anything to really change anybody's mind.

"I am an undecided voter, yes. I don't know [if any one thing could get my vote], it might be a negative thing. That I find one of them is using particularly unpleasant tactics to try and discredit the other.

"If something came out that said look, irrespective of what anybody else says, the general financial situation in Scotland would probably be better one way or the other. But the key word is probably."

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Melissa Gillen
Melissa Gillen Melissa, 41, has three teenage children and is self-employed

"Because I do voluntary work, I've been asking people and there's a lot of people who want independence, and they really, really do want it but they're a wee bit scared about what it's going to mean for them i.e. the economy, money.

"And there's other people who have said they don't want independence.

"There's still quite a big divide. There's a lot of people who definitely know what they want but there's still questions on what they're going to get.

"Taking emotions out of it, as people are emotional about it, but sometimes emotions can get you into trouble. If you're looking at it logically it's 'am I going to be worse off?'

"I've got three teenage girls going into college who want to go into university, and if I'm going to be financially worse off, they're going to be financially worse off.

"That's a biggie for me, I need to make sure I'm going to be secure. It's the college, the university, the education. I need to make sure my girls are going to be okay."

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John Mercer
John Mercer John, 48, used to work in Edinburgh's financial services sector

"I don't know what they're going to do, but I suspect there's various things up their sleeve and they're leaving it until crucial points - to stun, scare or whatever people.

"I suspect it'll be stuff to do with currency, and movement of trade within the current union.

"I'm expecting to see more high-profile people put their name for or against it.

"I don't think there's one particular area that's concerning me. It's just hearing learned people explaining things properly. If they're clearly stated and in a convincing manner, then that could possibly sway me either way.

"I'd like to hear people generally talking about their views about Scotland and how this could make us improve as people and as a nation that's proud of their environment."

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Naomi Stirrat
Naomi Stirrat Naomi, 21, studies acting in Edinburgh

"I expect the campaign to intensify with even more direct blows to the opposition used to persuade people, as opposed to each campaign proving themselves. This attack of the other side will leave undecided voters like me even more confused.

"At the moment, the 'Yes' campaign is adamant that an independent Scotland would keep the pound but the Better Together campaign disagrees. If I could be told for sure what would happen, I'd be much closer to making a decision.

"I'm keeping an eye out for arts policies and the way each side is using the arts as part of their campaign. Some of the material produced by both campaigns so far have been embarrassingly bad and have not reflected the quality of Scottish and UK arts at all. Watching the videos from both sides have made me cringe.

"Every time I feel I'm closer to deciding which way to vote, I'm then put off."

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Nicole Fraser
Nicole Fraser Nicole is an undecided voter from Aberdeen

"I'm hoping to see more information pointed at my generation. I always thought that the information, the wording, that we see is a bit out there, and sometimes you know, you can't understand it.

"The wording is quite difficult - well, for me, to understand. So I find a lot of the time my outlook is like "oh well, I don't really know what that means so I can't really use that helping to decide whether I'm 'Yes' or 'No'.

"It depends what us going independent is going to do for Scotland, is it going to make our future easier? Or is it going to make it harder? Because if it's going to make it harder then obviously I'm not going to vote for it. But if it makes our living in general easier then yeah. It just depends what comes out.

"I'm probably looking out for taxes, medical care and housing."

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Kieran Sutherland
Kieran Sutherland Young undecided voter Kieran lives in Caithness

"I'm expecting/hoping that there'll be a lot more information released from both sides regarding the referendum.

"I'm kind of hoping more of it will be targeted towards the young voters because a lot of it right now I feel is still targeting towards the ones that are a bit older.

"The facts that they're giving us are still a bit...I don't know how to describe it, so I'll say...wordy?

"I know this is going to sound like a really strange answer, but I don't know [if one thing will decide my vote], but I will know it when I see it, if that makes sense.

"I'm looking for information on currency, definitive information. More definitive information across the lot.

"It's really, really exciting that they're giving a vote to 16 year olds. I think it's our decision, whatever decision is made is going to be the Scotland that's left to us. So I think it's brilliant that they've decided to bring us in to help make that decision."

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Gregor Larmour
Gregor Larmour Gregor is an undecided voter from Ayrshire

"In the next 100 days I expect to see a lot more competition. Things will get a lot more intense between both of the campaigns.

"There will be more involvement with people all over the place. More involvement with young people, obviously because 16 year olds are allowed to vote.

"I think there are still quite a few young people undecided, and I think they (the campaigns) know that. So that'll be a big target for them.

"I feel like it's been running rather smoothly for both campaigns but I expect to see it get a lot rougher, a lot more involved."

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    Check the CalMac site to see if your service is affected.

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    Firefighters have rescued 42 people who were stranded by floodwater at a supermarket in East Ayrshire.


    The Asda at Queen's Drive Retail Park, Kilmarnock, was surrounded by water after the River Irvine burst its banks.

    Fire crews were dispatched from Glasgow and Ayrshire after staff alerted the emergency services at 06:12.

    A rigid inflatable boat was used to take 40 adults and two children from the store. They were checked by paramedics but no-one was injured.

    Text 80295 10:20: Ally McCoist - Your views

    Anon, Inverness: I do not follow football but are you saying that McCoist hands in his notice and his EMPLOYERS pay him wages in lieu of notice? I wish I had a job which I could give up AND get my employers to pay me for a year.

    Jack, Edinburgh: Given half a chance Rangers and Celtic would be playing in England. They do not give a stuff about the health of Scottish football.

    Joe, Fife: Ally is picking the pockets of ordinary people who can ill afford tickets to see Rangers. Managerially he is a disaster and would have been dismissed for under performance in any other walk of life. Ally has had a charmed life characterised by pay massively in excess of his limited talents - paid for by under privileged fans. Shocking.

    10:08: Travel disruption BBC Scotland Travel Latest
    • Perth and Kinross - C423 is closed at Aberbothrie due to flooding.
    • Accident around a mile north of junction 20 - the Eaglesfield junction - of the northbound A74(M) means the road is closed at the scene.
    • ScotRail - possible disruption between Glasgow Central and Edinburgh Waverley following flooding at Addiewell, although all lines have now re-opened.
    • Trains between Dumfries and Kilmarnock cancelled due to flooding at Mauchline. Replacement transport has been arranged.
    • Airports in London are warning of possible disruption to flights due to of high winds. Check with your airline.
    09:49: BBC Scotland Weather Latest

    Southern and central areas will be cloudy with further outbreaks of rain, which will be heavy at times especially across Strathclyde and Dumfries and Galloway where there is a continued risk of flooding.

    A brighter day further north, with showers in the north west and Northern Isles turning wintry on the hills, while much of the north east will stay dry with some sunshine.

    During the afternoon, Argyll and the central belt will become drier.

    A mild day in the south with temperatures up to 10C but colder in the north.

    09:35: River search

    A major search and rescue operation is continuing along the banks of the River Nith in Dumfries.

    River Nith

    It follows reports of a man having gone into the water close to the Nithsdale Rowing Club boathouse.

    The alarm was raised in the early hours.

    The operation has involved a Royal Navy helicopter, the Nith Inshore lifeboat team, the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and Police Scotland.

    09:26: Rangers share issue plan

    Rangers hope to be given the go-ahead to launch a new share issue at the club's AGM today.

    Rangers chairman David Somers

    Chairman David Somers will read a statement in which he will say fund-raising efforts in 2014 fell short of the amount the club had hoped for.

    "We are requesting permission to enable us to issue shares to improve the long term financial stability of the club," Somers' statement reads.

    Rangers had asked existing shareholders for fresh investment in the past year.

    09:11: Flooding strands 35 in supermarket

    Firefighters said 35 people have been stranded in a supermarket by floodwater after a river burst its banks.

    queens drive kilmarnock

    Water rescue crews are in attendance at the Asda supermarket in Queen's Drive, Kilmarnock, where members of staff and customers are stranded by floodwater.

    The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service said there were no injuries to report.

    Emergency services have been working through the night to tackle several incidents of serious flooding after heavy rain in Ayrshire.

    The Queen's Drive Retail Park was flooded after the River Irvine burst its banks.

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    David Miller

    I'm already wearing Google Glass and I'm beginning to feel like Scotland's uncool answer to RoboCop. In a hi-vis jacket.

    But there's a good reason for my ignominy.

    I'm about to take part in research designed to find ways of increasing confidence amongst reluctant cyclists.

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    Metal detectorist Alistair McPherson has a nose for finding treasure.

    Alistair McPherson

    "I seem to have a third sense when it comes to fields", he said.

    "Several of my friends call me The Magnet."

    Together with a team of archaeologists, Mr McPherson discovered a hoard of Roman and Pictish silver in a farmer's field. It has been hailed as the most northern of its kind in Europe.

    Rangers AGM Douglas Fraser Business and economy editor, Scotland

    #Rangers chairman: taken 1st steps to effective engagement w fan base. "I think that we'd all agree we still have work to do in this area"

    Morning Call

    BBC Radio Scotland tweets: On Morning Call from 0850 with @kayeadams.

    Morning Call graphic
    A720 queues

    Traffic Scotland tweets: #edintravel: #A720 W/B Baberton to Dreghorn - traffic very heavy due to possible RTC. More info to follow #planahead

    08:30: On the back pages

    Billy Davies is in the frame for the Rangers job, while one Celtic defender could be on his way out of Parkhead.

    Billy Davies

    Check out all the latest sports gossip.

    08:21: We will remember them Graham Fraser BBC Scotland

    Thirty-one Scottish international rugby players died in World War One, more than any other country. Discover their story.

    Scotland rugby team from 1914
    08:17: Motorway crash death

    Police confirm that a woman died in the crash on the A74 (M) this morning. The road remains closed.

    They are also looking for a man who was given a lift north from the scene of the crash to the motorway services at Johnstonebridge.

    He may have a head injury.

    Police said the man was about 30, of Asian appearance, about 6ft tall with dark hair and long sideburns.

    The man was last seen at the petrol pumps and then the main building at the services between 06:00 and 06:30 hours.

    08:14: Lockerbie guilt

    Over the weekend, Scotland's top prosecutor Frank Mulholland said he continued to believe Abdelbaset al-Megrahi was guilty of carrying out the Lockerbie bombing 26 years ago. He was responding to pressure from those who think the case against the Libyan was flawed.

    Lockerbie bombing

    Frank Duggan, the president of the Victims of Pan AM Flight 103, told Good Morning Scotland that the US victims of the atrocity were not as concerned by these "conspiracy mavens".

    He said: "One of the reasons that does not trouble us here in the United States is that that view is simply not credible."

    He added: "We know there are people there (in the UK) who are like a dog with a bone. No matter how much evidence is presented to show that this man was guilty they are not going to change their position and that is not going to affect us one way or the other."

    Rangers AGM Douglas Fraser Business and economy editor, Scotland

    #Rangers chairman David Somers to spell out need for cost-cutting at AGM today. His speech has conspicuous lack of thanks to Ally McCoist

    08:00: Today's papers

    Many of today's newspaper front pages feature the story of Ally McCoist, who has left his job as Rangers manager and has been put on gardening leave for the next year.


    The Scottish Sun headlines the story "Ally put out to grass".

    The Daily Record leads with the story of a foodbank over Christmas, while the Scottish Daily Mail highlights the last minute dash of shoppers for the festive season.

    07:54: Doctor training

    BMA chairman Dr Peter Bennie told Good Morning Scotland that new proposals were expected soon on the training of junior doctors.

    He said: "We've yet to see exactly what will come out of that but the current proposals would lead to junior doctors training for a shorter period of time that they do just now and therefore to consultants having less experience and less breadth than they do just now.

    "That has an obvious knock-on effect for patient care."

    07:44: One dead in M74 crash

    One person has died in a two-vehicle crash on the M74 motorway in Dumfriesshire, police have said.

    The collision involved a car and a van on the northbound carriageway between junction 20 Eaglesfield and junction 19 Ecclefechan.

    The motorway was closed in the area of the accident at about 06:30 and traffic was being diverted on to the B7076.

    Police were appealing for witnesses.

    07:43: Rangers latest Chris McLaughlin BBC Sport

    Covering Rangers, you learn to expect the unexpected. I think most people though expected this.

    Ally McCoist

    McCoist handed in his resignation last Friday and was then told by the board that he can work his 12-month notice period but I understand he was called into a meeting at Ibrox last night and the chief executive and former managing director of Newcastle FC Derek Llambias basically told him things couldn't carry on and he was being put on gardening leave.

    It means he will be paid until his contract runs out and his assistant Kenny McDowall is now in charge until the end of the season.

    07:32: NHS targets

    BMA chairman Dr Peter Bennie told BBC radio's Good Morning Scotland that "targets" for the NHS measured "whatever is in the target rather than necessarily the quality of patient care".

    He said: "For example, the target for maximum four-hour waits in A&E puts the pressure on to move patients out of A&E and into the main part of the hospital. However, that does not cover what happens thereafter.

    "For some of those patients they would have been better treated if they could have stayed a little longer in A&E, got all the necessary results and gone home again."

    07:20: More apprentices needed

    Scottish construction firms have called for increased funding to help recruit and train more apprentices.


    The Scottish Building Federation (SBF) said employers had highlighted critical skills shortages in a number of key trades and managerial positions.

    They were raised in the group's latest quarterly Construction Monitor, which also found industry confidence at its highest since the survey began in 2008.

    SBF said it was now time to review funding for recruitment and training.

    07:14: McCoist leaves Rangers

    Last night, it emerged Ally McCoist has left his position as Rangers manager and the Scottish Championship club said he is now "on gardening leave".

    Ally McCoist

    The 52-year-old handed in his resignation earlier this month and had started his 12-month notice period.

    McCoist remained in charge of the team for the defeat by Queen of the South and Saturday's win against Livingston.

    A club statement said assistant manager Kenny McDowall (pictured left) will take over as manager until the end of the season.

    07:08: 'Real change' needed in NHS

    The body that represents doctors has said real change is needed to tackle the challenges facing the NHS in Scotland.

    hospital ward

    Dr Peter Bennie, chairman of the BMA in Scotland, said the health service must learn from past "mistakes and missed opportunities".

    He said there had been huge reliance on the goodwill of staff, but that this was not a sustainable solution.

    The Scottish government said it agreed that the way health and social care is delivered in Scotland must change.

    07:01: Rise and shine Graham Fraser BBC Scotland

    Good morning, and welcome to today's Scotland Live blog. We will bring you all the latest news, sport, weather and travel throughout the day.



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