Scottish independence: Voters on 100 days to go

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There are now 100 days to go until Scotland's independence referendum vote on 18 September.

Voters will be asked the straight Yes/No question: "Should Scotland be an independent country?".

We asked seven undecided voters - four from our People's Panel and three from our Generation 2014 group - what they expect to see happen over the next 100 days.

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Ian Kinghorn
Ian Kinghorn Ian, 68, lives in Edinburgh and is a retired driving instructor

"To be honest, I'm not sure either side has got enough to say that would be sufficiently concrete.

"The last thing that came out was, they were equally saying: "Oh yes, you'll all be better off if it goes our way". But neither of them really has enough information to back that up because it's all built on speculation.

"So I think they're both going to have a real problem coming up with anything to really change anybody's mind.

"I am an undecided voter, yes. I don't know [if any one thing could get my vote], it might be a negative thing. That I find one of them is using particularly unpleasant tactics to try and discredit the other.

"If something came out that said look, irrespective of what anybody else says, the general financial situation in Scotland would probably be better one way or the other. But the key word is probably."

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Melissa Gillen
Melissa Gillen Melissa, 41, has three teenage children and is self-employed

"Because I do voluntary work, I've been asking people and there's a lot of people who want independence, and they really, really do want it but they're a wee bit scared about what it's going to mean for them i.e. the economy, money.

"And there's other people who have said they don't want independence.

"There's still quite a big divide. There's a lot of people who definitely know what they want but there's still questions on what they're going to get.

"Taking emotions out of it, as people are emotional about it, but sometimes emotions can get you into trouble. If you're looking at it logically it's 'am I going to be worse off?'

"I've got three teenage girls going into college who want to go into university, and if I'm going to be financially worse off, they're going to be financially worse off.

"That's a biggie for me, I need to make sure I'm going to be secure. It's the college, the university, the education. I need to make sure my girls are going to be okay."

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John Mercer
John Mercer John, 48, used to work in Edinburgh's financial services sector

"I don't know what they're going to do, but I suspect there's various things up their sleeve and they're leaving it until crucial points - to stun, scare or whatever people.

"I suspect it'll be stuff to do with currency, and movement of trade within the current union.

"I'm expecting to see more high-profile people put their name for or against it.

"I don't think there's one particular area that's concerning me. It's just hearing learned people explaining things properly. If they're clearly stated and in a convincing manner, then that could possibly sway me either way.

"I'd like to hear people generally talking about their views about Scotland and how this could make us improve as people and as a nation that's proud of their environment."

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Naomi Stirrat
Naomi Stirrat Naomi, 21, studies acting in Edinburgh

"I expect the campaign to intensify with even more direct blows to the opposition used to persuade people, as opposed to each campaign proving themselves. This attack of the other side will leave undecided voters like me even more confused.

"At the moment, the 'Yes' campaign is adamant that an independent Scotland would keep the pound but the Better Together campaign disagrees. If I could be told for sure what would happen, I'd be much closer to making a decision.

"I'm keeping an eye out for arts policies and the way each side is using the arts as part of their campaign. Some of the material produced by both campaigns so far have been embarrassingly bad and have not reflected the quality of Scottish and UK arts at all. Watching the videos from both sides have made me cringe.

"Every time I feel I'm closer to deciding which way to vote, I'm then put off."

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Nicole Fraser
Nicole Fraser Nicole is an undecided voter from Aberdeen

"I'm hoping to see more information pointed at my generation. I always thought that the information, the wording, that we see is a bit out there, and sometimes you know, you can't understand it.

"The wording is quite difficult - well, for me, to understand. So I find a lot of the time my outlook is like "oh well, I don't really know what that means so I can't really use that helping to decide whether I'm 'Yes' or 'No'.

"It depends what us going independent is going to do for Scotland, is it going to make our future easier? Or is it going to make it harder? Because if it's going to make it harder then obviously I'm not going to vote for it. But if it makes our living in general easier then yeah. It just depends what comes out.

"I'm probably looking out for taxes, medical care and housing."

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Kieran Sutherland
Kieran Sutherland Young undecided voter Kieran lives in Caithness

"I'm expecting/hoping that there'll be a lot more information released from both sides regarding the referendum.

"I'm kind of hoping more of it will be targeted towards the young voters because a lot of it right now I feel is still targeting towards the ones that are a bit older.

"The facts that they're giving us are still a bit...I don't know how to describe it, so I'll say...wordy?

"I know this is going to sound like a really strange answer, but I don't know [if one thing will decide my vote], but I will know it when I see it, if that makes sense.

"I'm looking for information on currency, definitive information. More definitive information across the lot.

"It's really, really exciting that they're giving a vote to 16 year olds. I think it's our decision, whatever decision is made is going to be the Scotland that's left to us. So I think it's brilliant that they've decided to bring us in to help make that decision."

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Gregor Larmour
Gregor Larmour Gregor is an undecided voter from Ayrshire

"In the next 100 days I expect to see a lot more competition. Things will get a lot more intense between both of the campaigns.

"There will be more involvement with people all over the place. More involvement with young people, obviously because 16 year olds are allowed to vote.

"I think there are still quite a few young people undecided, and I think they (the campaigns) know that. So that'll be a big target for them.

"I feel like it's been running rather smoothly for both campaigns but I expect to see it get a lot rougher, a lot more involved."

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    Sri Lankan wrong turn 13:16: Via Twitter Team England triathlete Jonathan Brownlee

    tweets: Just seen the Sri Lankan cycling team on the M74. Suppose it is a nice wide road!!

    Sri Lanka on M74
    Weather update 13:12: Judith Ralston BBC Weather presenter

    This afternoon will be very warm with temperatures possibly hitting 28C in some inland areas. A cool easterly breeze will see Edinburgh and Dundee slightly cooler with a high of 21C.

    The high temperatures may well trigger off an isolated shower across the north west Highlands in the early evening, with an odd one possible over the high ground of central and southern Scotland.

    You can watch a full weather forecast here.

    Can we keep the Faith? 13:00:

    Singer Paloma Faith proved to be another big hit with the crowds when she played BBC at the Quay.

    The singer played a couple of numbers for the Ken Bruce show, filmed in front of a live studio audience.

    Paloma Faith At BBC PQ

    You can find out more about the festival and watch a live stream of the events on the BBC at the Quay website.

    12:48: Edinburgh Evening News

    tweets: Police appeal for witnesses after man assaulted in Morningside in broad daylight.

    Read the full story here.

    Warriors snap up de Klerk 12:44:

    Rugby sevens is one of 17 sports at Glasgow 2014, with action there beginning on Saturday at Ibrox stadium.

    However, in the 15-a-side game, the Pro12 side Glasgow Warriors have added South African prop Rossouw de Klerk to their ranks.

    Rossouw de Klerk

    The 24-year-old joins Warriors on a two-year contract from Super 15 team Cheetahs.

    He's their fifth signing ahead of the 2014-15 season.

    Google's Games crazy 12:37:

    Okay, admit it, sometimes you just log onto Google to check what their animation is for the day, correct?

    Well, today you'll see clearly that they, too, are in Commonwealth Games mode.

    The Scottish designer who came up with the idea is originally from Stirling, trained in Dundee and now lives in Edinburgh.

    Cycling for success 12:34: Laura Bicker Scotland Correspondent, BBC News

    tweets: Team Scotland having a wee cycle through Merchant City #Glasgow2014

    Team Scotland in Merchant City
    Glasgow tower reopens after fire 12:27:

    Glasgow Science Centre tower has opened as normal after fire crews were called last night to tackle a smoking cable.

    Fire at Glasgow Science Centre tower

    A member of the public spotted smoke coming from the lift motor room after the tower had closed.

    The crew of HMS Bangor, which is moored nearby, extinguished the smoke before the fire service arrived. The Science Centre said the short-circuited cable had been repaired overnight and the tower was operating as normal.

    Police release rape data 12:24:

    More rapes were reported in West Fife than any other area in Scotland between April 2013 and May this year, according to data obtained by BBC Scotland.

    Figures from Police Scotland reveal that the command area - which includes Dunfermline and Cowdenbeath - received 102 reports over the 14-month period.

    You can explore the data for your own Police Scotland here.

    United reject Robertson bid 12:12:

    BBC Scotland's Jim Spence has confirmed Dundee United have rejected an increased offer from Hull City for Scotland left-back Andrew Robertson.

    The Humberside club's approach was worth £2m plus add-ons for the 20-year-old.

    Dundee United's Andrew Robertson

    A United source told BBC Scotland that approaches from West Ham United had also been knocked back.

    Never Miss a Beatt 12:04: John Beattie BBC Scotland

    Join me on BBC Radio Scotland where we'll be bringing you all of the build-up ahead of tonight's opening ceremony of Glasgow's Commonwealth Games.

    I'll be asking how well Team Scotland can expect to do on the medal table and who are the athletes to look out for.

    We'll also be looking back at Manchester's own Commonwealth games in 2002 and asking what their lasting legacy to the city is?

    Record catch? 11:59:

    An angler from Whitby has landed what could be the largest fish ever caught off Britain's shores while on the Isle of Skye.

    Dan Bennett took an hour to land the 208lb (94kg) common skate in Kilmalaug Bay.

    Dan Bennett skater image

    The fish was 88.25in (224.15cm) long and 66.75in (169.54cm) wide. Because it was not weighed at the scene it is likely to be listed as an unofficial British record.

    The fish was returned to sea alive.

    Scots athletes welcome baton 11:56: Via Twitter Team Scotland

    tweets: The @Batonrelay2014 stops by Scotland Street. Real buzz in the air today... no prizes for guessing why! #GoScotland

    Queen's baton
    Cancer charity investigated 11:44:

    A cancer charity that helped fly a terminally ill Aberdeenshire girl home from Mexico is to be investigated.

    Families Against Neuroblastoma led a £150,000 appeal for Olivia Downie, from Fraserburgh. The seven-year-old died days after flying home in June 2012.

    It is understood Olivia's parents complained to the Charity Commission.

    Snooker ace embraces Games 11:38: Via Twitter Alan McManus

    tweets: "Welcome to the Glasgow Games everyone. Enjoy the sport...and the sunshine. It's scorchio by the way."

    Snooker player Tony Hall
    Your photos 11:32:

    David Blunt sent us this stunning image of the shimmering sands at the beach at Hosta on North Uist.

    Hosta beach

    Send us your own photos via email or twitter using #ScotlandLive.

    Wildcat haven 11:23:

    The Scottish wildcat is on the brink of extinction, say conservationists, with some warning that numbers of pure-bred cats have fallen to just 35 individuals.


    In an effort to bolster numbers experts have set-up a special haven for the species on the remote Ardnamurchan peninsula in the north west Highlands.

    Read more about the project here.

    Which sport are you made for? 11:00:

    Take 30 seconds to dash through the 13 quick questions in our sports quiz and we'll have our best stab at suggesting which events from the Commonwealth Games could match your physical and mental abilities.

    Sports graphic
    Jags sign Osman 10:52:

    Amidst all the excitement around Glasgow 2014, Partick Thistle are doing their best to remind everyone that football exists!

    Partick Thistle midfielder Abdul Osman

    They've made a signing this morning and it's 27-year-old Ghanaian midfielder Abdul Osman.

    The former Gretna man played in a friendly against Dumbarton on Saturday and signs a one-year contract.

    On the Waterfront 10:40:

    It was an early start for the BBC At The Quay festival this morning with a special broadcast of Radio 2's Ken Bruce breakfast programme in front of a packed studio audience.

    Our colleagues at BBC Scotland tweeted this great picture of Simple Minds frontman Jim Kerr performing for the show.

    Simple Minds at the BBC

    You can find out more about the BBC At The Quay festival and watch a live stream of the events here.

    Edinburgh river body identified 10:32:

    A man whose body was recovered from the Water of Leith in Edinburgh has been identified.

    The body of Henry Archibald, 40, was discovered near the Stenhouse Industrial Estate at about 09:30 on Monday.

    Police officers generic

    A bike, thought to belong to Mr Archibald, was found nearby. Police say there are no suspicious circumstances surrounding the death.

    Miley's Twitter sabbatical 10:24:

    Competitive action at Glasgow 2014 is now less than 24 hours away, with Team Scotland comprising 310 athletes - 168 men and 142 women.

    Hannah Miley

    Swimmer Hannah Miley is first-up for Team Scotland tomorrow at 10:30 in the women's 400m individual medley.

    Miley, from Inverurie, tweeted last night: "Right guys I'm going into social media lock down as of tomorrow [Wednesday] morning so no twitter and facebook for me until I've finished racing!! Hope you enjoy watching the Commonwealth games! Remember to support your team :-)"

    Flybe expands Aberdeen flights 10:16:

    Flybe has announced it will take over the service between Aberdeen and London City airport.

    British Airways said last month it was pulling out of the route in October.

    Flybe aircraft

    Flybe will operate twice daily flights, by 78-seat Bombardier Q400 aircraft, starting on 27 October.

    Tigers chase Robertson 10:08:

    Dundee United have rejected an improved £2m-plus offer from Hull City for highly-rated Scotland defender Andrew Robertson. However, Tigers manager Steve Bruce is expected to come back with another offer to secure the 20-year-old's signature.

    Andrew Robertson in action for Dundee united

    Elsewhere, English Premiership side Southampton are set to make an improved second bid for Celtic's Fraser Forster after the first was described as "well below" the Parkhead club's valuation of the English international.

    Read more footie gossip here.

    Clydeside expressway 10:00: Games travel 2014

    tweets: #GRG driving in Glasgow this morning? No access to Clydeside Expressway from Finnieston Street. Please use alternative routes.

    Glasgow 2014 - your views 09:52: Via SMS

    Pauline: You'll need to look far and wide for a moanie minnie this day Kay. 15,000 volunteers believe in the Games!

    Willie in Wick: Bring on the Games. I'll be glued to the TV coverage every day and night. The world will be watching not only the Commonwealth, so come on Scotland, you can do it.

    Anonymous: What a waste of money, we can't repair the holes in roads.

    See the sights... 09:44:

    With Games fever taking hold, unusual sights - and sites - have been popping up all over Glasgow. BBC Scotland's Louise Andrews and Laura Pettigrew have been out and about charting them.


    Read all about it here.

    Deila maintains 100% record 09:37:

    It's not been too shabby a start for new Celtic manager Ronny Deila, whose team cruised past Icelandic side KR Reykjavik and into the third qualifying round of the Champions League last night.

    Celtic manager Ronny Deila

    Doubles from Dutch defender Virgil Van Dijk and Finnish forward Teemu Pukki gave Celtic a 4-0 win on the night, 5-0 on aggregate.

    They'll face the winners of the tie between Irish team St Patrick's and Polish side Legia Warsaw, who meet tonight.

    So, two wins, two clean-sheets and five goals for Deila... happy, Celtic fans? Let us know using #ScotlandLive on Twitter, or by emailing here.

    Making the news 09:29:

    The opening of Glasgow's Commonwealth Games dominates the front of all Scotland's newspapers.

    Newspapers 23 July

    Each carries its own message of support. "The sun rises on Glasgow's golden Games" is the Herald's headline, while the Daily Record proclaims "Bring it on" next to a striking image of a child with a Saltire painted on her face.

    Read more in our daily newspaper review.

    Glasgow hotspots 09:22:

    BBC Newsbeat got a tour of Glasgow's hotspots from Games volunteer Katie Kinloch, 19.

    Clydesider 19-year-old Katie Kinloch

    The 15,000 Clyde-siders, as they are known, are key to the success of the Games, helping athletes, officials and visitors make the best of their time in Glasgow.

    Watch Katie's video here.

    Morning Call 09:08: BBC Radio Scotland

    After seven years of preparation, the moment is finally here as the Commonwealth Games kick off in Glasgow tonight.

    Presenter Kaye Adams asks: Are you excited or can you see it far enough? We also want to hear about the furthest travelled visitor to the Games - how far have you come to get here?

    Lines are open now. Call 0500 92 95 00, text 80295 or email

    You can listen live to the debate here.

    Today's weather 09:03: Judith Ralston BBC Weather presenter

    The recent dry and warm weather will continue across the country. Any morning mist and fog will burn back towards the east coast, where some patches of haar will linger for much of the day, particularly over Orkney and the east of Shetland.

    It'll be another very warm day with temperatures reaching 25C to 27C for many inland areas, with light breezes cooling Dundee and Edinburgh to a high of around 22C.

    The high temperatures may trigger off a few showers late this afternoon and into the early evening, mainly across the northwest Highlands, with possibly the odd one developing over the high ground of central and southern Scotland.

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    Good morning 08:58: Marianne Taylor BBC Scotland news

    Good morning, and welcome to BBC Scotland Live. We'll be here till 17:00, bringing you the latest news, sport, weather and travel from across the country.

    It's a big day for Glasgow and Scotland, with the opening of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games at Celtic Park just hours away. We'll have all the build-up throughout the day.

    Stay in touch and send us your pictures using Twitter #ScotlandLive, email us at or text to 80295.



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