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The art of the 'Sturgeon selfie'

The selfie is the biggest photographic trend of recent years and Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has become a well-known practitioner.

Ms Sturgeon, who has pledged to be most accessible first minister ever, makes regular use of social media - and in particular Twitter - to get her message across and give the public a glimpse of life as FM.

Here's a look at some classic Sturgeon selfies.

Government re-shuffle

Within days of becoming first minister in November came Ms Sturgeon's expected cabinet reshuffle.

Traditionally, ministers are required to come and go from the FM's official residence at Bute House as journalists stand outside asking whether they've been hired or fired.

This time round, Ms Sturgeon got proceedings under way by tweeting a selfie of her and John Swinney, to announce he had become Scotland's new deputy first minister.

However, she refrained from posting selfies of every new member of the cabinet, instead opting for a more standard government press release.

Family time

Ms Sturgeon - whose followers on Twitter have more than tripled this year - posted a birthday celebration selfie with her eight-year-old niece, Harriet Owens.

Harriet featured prominently in her inaugural speech as first minister, in which Ms Sturgeon told parliament: "She doesn't yet know about the gender pay gap, or under-representation, or the barriers like high childcare costs that make it so hard for so many women to work and pursue careers.

"My fervent hope is that she never will."

Celebrity selfies

Ms Sturgeon has never been able to resist the temptation to snap a quick celebrity selfie, as seen above with Scots actor and former Doctor Who, Sylvester McCoy.

The FM - a fan of BBC Scotland soap River City - also grabbed one with actor Tom Urie, known for playing much-loved character Bob O'Hara.

Ms Sturgeon has also been showing off her own acting chops, after collaborating with information service Young Scot to deliver a YouTube Christmas message in the form of a homage to the Hugh Grant movie Love Actually.

Game on

The 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games provided endless opportunities for Ms Sturgeon, as demonstrated when event mascot Clyde agree to pose for what she described as "the ultimate selfie".

Ms Sturgeon also enjoyed tweeted a selfie to her 108,000 followers as a Commonwealth Games spectator, during the rugby.

And, of course, there was also time for a bit of politics, when Ms Sturgeon tweeted a selfie with her good pal Shona Robison - then the Games minister - at the event opening ceremony.

Hey Jude

As if the prospect of watching Scots tennis superstar Andy Murray in action isn't exciting enough, Ms Sturgeon also posed for a picture with actor Jude Law on a visit to Wimbledon.

Although this does not technically appear to be a selfie, an opportunity to have your picture taken with a film star is not to be missed.

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