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Jim Murphy's pledge to invest £1bn in 'young working-class'

jim murphy Image copyright Andrew Milligan
Image caption Jim Murphy says 5,000 young Scots will be eligible for a Jobs Guarantee

Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy has pledged to invest £1bn in Scotland's "young working-class" during a speech in the City of London.

The package will be partly funded by UK Labour's plans to reintroduce a tax on bankers' bonuses.

Labour says about 5,000 Scots aged 18-24 will be eligible for a new Jobs Guarantee scheme in its first year.

The SNP said Scotland's young people "won't fall for his empty attempts to buy their vote".

Mr Murphy told an audience: "This is an unprecedented investment in our young people.

"We will use a new tax on the bonuses of bankers here in the City of London and in the UK's other financial centres.

"We will use that funding to guarantee a real job, at at-least minimum wage, and to guarantee training for every young person too."

SNP work and pensions spokeswoman Dr Eilidh Whiteford said: "Despite Westminster's disastrous economic record, youth unemployment is at its lowest level for five years in Scotland as a result of Scottish government action.

"The Scottish government's Opportunities For All scheme offers every 16 to 19-year-old a place in work, education or training - and as a result, 90% of school leavers are going into positive destinations."