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Labour's Dugdale on why she'd love to be stuck in a lift with Cameron

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Media captionScottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale took the five-floor lift challenge

Young voters have been quizzing Scotland's party leaders during a five-stop lift journey.

Third through the sliding doors was Kezia Dugdale of the Scottish Labour Party. She told of being a well-behaved university student and a "really well behaved" politician.

Asking the questions were Sarah (18); Jamie-Lee (16); Louis (16); Erin (18) and Megan (18).

They are all members of the BBC's Generation 2016 election panel.

When asked if she had been in trouble with the police she said she had "nothing but respect" for officers.

She added: "I was pretty well behaved at school. Pretty well behaved at university and you've got to be really well behaved when you're a politician."

'I'd put Cameron right on a few things'

Ms Dugdale said she would love to have a refugee live with her "but I've got a really small flat".

And if she could choose, she would pick Prime Minister David Cameron to be stuck in a lift with "so I could put him right about a few things".

Ms Dugdale was also asked if she would fight in a war and whether she thought it right that there was a lower minimum wage for young people.

The Scottish Green Party's Patrick Harvie; Scottish Tory Ruth Davidson; Scottish Liberal Democrat Willie Rennie and the SNP's Nicola Sturgeon have also been part of the BBC's Leaders in a Lift series.

Who is up when?

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