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Theresa May cabinet: David Mundell keeps Scottish Secretary job

David Mundell Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption David Mundell is holding on to his Scottish Secretary job

Scotland's only Conservative MP, David Mundell, has kept his job as secretary of state for Scotland.

Theresa May has been appointing her first cabinet after taking over from David Cameron who stepped down as prime minister on Wednesday.

Mr Mundell has been the MP for Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale since 2005.

He was under-secretary of state for Scotland from 2010 to 2015 and became Scottish Secretary in May 2015.

Mr Mundell was reaffirmed in that post by Mrs May.

He said: "I am delighted to be reappointed as secretary of state for Scotland, and to have the opportunity to build on my work over the past year.

"The PM has made it clear we need to unite the country and work for the best interests of everyone in Britain.

"My focus now is to work with the Scottish government in order to get the best deal for Scotland and the United Kingdom as we leave the EU."

Mrs May has made big Cabinet changes including appointing Brexiter Boris Johnson to foreign secretary; Philip Hammond to chancellor and Amber Rudd to the Home Office.

Right-wing cabinet

Both Labour and the SNP said that the new Cabinet was worryingly right wing.

Nationalist MP Angus Robertson said: "There is serious cause for concern with a range of appointments - we are witnessing the creation of one of the most right-wing Cabinets in the modern era.

"From Boris Johnson as our Foreign Secretary - a man who will now be representing us on the world stage - to David Davis as Brexit Minister and Liam Fox for Trade, it will be Brexiteers who are taking forward UK foreign policy."

He added that although Mrs May spoke about social justice her "mask had already slipped" and the "reality is we are witnessing a sharp turn to the right in UK politics."

Scotland's only Labour MP Ian Murray said: "Despite Theresa May's rhetoric on the steps of Number 10 last night, this new Tory cabinet looks even more right wing than the one that we've just left behind.

"People across Scotland will not be fooled by new management at the top of the Tory Government.

"Their economic credibility lies in tatters after taking a gamble with Brexit and they have put the union at risk, not just as a result of this referendum."

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