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Dumfries and Galloway Council investment benefit views differ

A council investment programme designed to help boost the economy in Dumfries and Galloway has generated contrasting views of its success.

SNP councillor Iain Dick, part of the ruling administration, said the £1.25m scheme showed the authority's commitment to local firms and jobs.

It has been claimed 90% of the work went to businesses in the region.

However, opposition Labour councillor Colin Smyth said many more job opportunities could have been created.

Mr Dick said it was part of a "positive programme" for creating employment within the region.

He said some specialist contractors from outside Dumfries and Galloway would always be necessary but the administration aimed to keep those to a minimum.

A further £1.5m is also earmarked to be spent on "preventative maintenance schemes" for public sector buildings and infrastructure.

Mr Smyth said that the administration had missed an opportunity to do even more.

"This money was actually savings because we didn't borrow the full amount we could have done," he said.

"Millions more could have been invested in local jobs and local industry if we had actually spent the money that we had available."

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