South Scotland

Council issues warning over fly-tipping in Hawick

A Hawick councillor is calling for locals to note down and report the numbers of vehicles involved in fly-tipping incidents in the area.

Stuart Marshall said that if caught individuals or businesses concerned could face huge fines.

Mr Marshall said there had been a constant flow of refuse to the site of a former abattoir in Burnfoot over the past 18 months.

Ironically, it is within a few hundred yards of Scottish Borders Council's waste and recycling depot in Mansfield Road.

Householders can take unwanted goods and materials there free of charge, but business operators have to pay a levy.

Mr Marshall believes that is the reason for the amount of what is almost certainly trade waste being dumped at the Burnfoot site and, on a lesser scale, at other locations around Hawick.

The councillor stressed that fly-tipping was not restricted to the Hawick area.

He also said he was "delighted" that the owners of the abattoir site had, after protracted negotiations, reached an agreement to have the area cleaned up before steps are taken to block access to the site.

Mr Marshall admitted that the problem may well move elsewhere once the abattoir site becomes inaccessible.

"That's why I'm urging anyone who sees fly-tipping in progress to note down the registration of the vehicle involved and contact the council or the police," he said.