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Dalbeattie abattoir scheme put on hold

A £3m project to build an abattoir on the outskirts of a south of Scotland town has been put on hold due to a lack of financial support.

Dumfries and Galloway Food Co-operative was granted consent during the summer to construct a meat processing plant on a site near Dalbeattie.

It also secured a £1.3m Scottish government grant towards the cost.

However, the DGFC said it had been unable to raise the remaining finance needed to build the facility.

Chairman Percy Weatherall said: "It is disappointing to be putting things on hold after we have made so much progress.

"The fact is we have failed to garner the financial support we need to take the project forward on a sound footing.

"The board is reluctant to press ahead with debt funding at a time of general uncertainty."

He said that the need for a modern abattoir service for Dumfries and Galloway farmers remained "pressing".

"While the project will be on hold, the DGFC will continue to hold the site for which planning permission has been secured," he said.

"I very much hope that, in the not-too-distant future, we will be able to secure the necessary funding and that the region will be able to benefit from our project."

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