Tayside and Central Scotland

Crackdown on stolen scrap metal nets trolley haul

A man has been caught with six supermarket trolleys in his van during a crackdown on stolen scrap metal in central Scotland.

The man told police he was returning them to a supermarket to claim a find-and-return reward.

But officers discovered no such scheme existed.

The incident occurred during a multi-agency road check in Falkirk aimed at disrupting the transport of stolen metal and the use of illegal fuel.

Central Scotland Police, British Transport Police, DVLA and HM Revenue and Customs took part in the operation in Falkirk.

During the crackdown, two men were charged in connection with licensing offences in relation to the dealing of scrap metal.

One driver was fined for running his vehicle on red diesel.

Supt Robbie McGregor of Central Scotland Police said: "This was a highly visible operation which will hopefully have sent a strong deterrent message to anyone considering this type of activity.

"Whether it's stolen metal or supermarket trolleys which will have a scrap value on the black market, or the issue of red diesel, we will continue our pro-active efforts to disrupt and deter the criminal use of the roads to further illegal behaviour."

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