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Woman chose to rob Forfar store 'over murder'

A woman held up her local shop and then confessed to a neighbour minutes later, a court has heard.

Louise Temperton stole £495 from the Co-Op store in Forfar, Angus, in March this year after a staff member feared she had a gun.

The 29-year-old was caught after claiming what she had done "would be in the newspapers the next day".

Temperton, who admitted assault and robbery, told police she raided the shop instead of "committing a murder".

The High Court in Glasgow heard how Temperton had gone up to the counter of the shop in Forfar's Dundee Road with a basket of items.

She then told worker Rebecca Sanchez: "Everything in the till, money, all of it."

Miss Sanchez spotted what appeared to be a small black handgun and feared it was going to be fired after hearing a click.

Temperton took cash and other items before running out of the store.

She then met a neighbour and asked for a lift despite being a short distance from her front door.

Temperton said: "I have just robbed the Co-Op. It will probably be in the papers tomorrow. I don't know why I done it."

Police later caught up with Temperton, who admitted to them she had been "stupid".

She added: "I thought about going to Dundee and committing a murder or go and rob the shop. I went for the shop."

The imitation firearm used during the crime was recovered and was found only to be capable of firing blank cartridges.

Lord Turnbull remanded Temperton in custody until she re-appears in the dock for sentencing next month.

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