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Explosive devices found on Montrose Beach

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Media captionBomb disposal teams destroy explosives dating from World War II on Montrose Beach

Bomb disposal teams have been called twice in a week to destroy explosives found on an Angus beach.

Coastguards said both devices discovered on Montrose Beach had been smoke markers used in World War II training exercises.

They contained phosphorus powder which can cause severe burns if it comes into contact with skin.

The latest device was detonated at 10:00 on Sunday. Cannon balls were also found nearby after a search.

Scott Constantine, from Montrose Coastguard, said: "This is the second one we've found in the about a week. We had a device last week and they both date back to World War II.

"They're smoker markers which have an explosive charge with phosphorus powder."

Mr Constantine said the powder would have been used to record a successful "hit" by aircraft during training exercises.

He added: "There's a potential that the explosives are still live. The danger is the phosphorus which if you get it on your skin will burn away and burn away."

The Coastguard said that anyone discovering such items on the beach should call 999 immediately.

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