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Man jailed for shooting two with an air rifle in Perth

A man who shot at two passers-by out of a window "for fun" has been jailed for 14 months.

Darren Kilbryde opened fire with a powerful air rifle as the men passed his then-girlfriend's flat in Perth in the early hours of 5 May, 2013.

One of his victims was left with a pellet lodged in his abdomen for a year and had to have surgery twice.

A sheriff said the public could not "feel properly safe" unless the 36-year-old was jailed.

The gunman was eventually traced as ballistics experts studied CCTV and ruled that the only place the shots could have been fired from was the window of the flat Kilbryde was staying in.

Victims Sandy Lumsden, 44, and Peter Ross, 23, were targeted at random, 12 minutes apart, as they passed the city centre flat.

Perth Sheriff Court heard that Kilbryde, who had previously had his air gun and ammunition confiscated for shooting a wild bird, had returned to the flat drunk with a woman he had been dating.

While the woman went to bed, Kilbryde proceeded to take pot-shots out the window at passing pedestrians.

Solicitor David Holmes, defending, said: "At the time it was seen to be a fun thing to do, without thinking of the consequences."

Kilbryde, of Edinburgh, admitted shooting and injuring both men.

Sentencing him to 14 months in prison, Sheriff Michael Fletcher said: "This is an extraordinary offence, to use an air gun and deliberately fire at passers-by in the early hours of the morning.

"I don't think the public can feel properly safe if a custodial sentence is not imposed."

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