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Dealer who died during drugs raid 'weighed 33 stone'

A cocaine dealer who died during a police drugs raid at his Perth home weighed 33 stone, a court has heard.

An inquiry is being held into the death of Stuart Sandeman during the Struan Road raid in May 2011.

The "extremely fat" 37-year-old struggled with officers, who had to sit on his legs while arresting him.

Perth Sheriff Court earlier heard the convicted cocaine dealer had been seen putting a bag of white powder in his mouth and chewing it before he died.

The fatal accident inquiry also heard that traces of the Class A drug were found in Mr Sandeman's stomach.

Three known drug users were in the flat with Mr Sandeman at the time of the raid, one of whom was carrying £1,715 in cash.

Mr Sandeman attempted to stop officers from getting into his home, and struggled with them before falling to the floor.

One officer sat on his legs to stop him from kicking out, and officers had to link three pairs of handcuffs together because the 37-year-old could not get his arms close enough together behind his back.

Convicted dealer

Convicted drug user Roddy Moncrieffe told the inquiry that Mr Sandeman had "spewed" after being taken down to the floor of his living room, claiming the vomit had looked "meaty" - rather than the mix of plastic and powder officers had described to the court.

He said: "They were sticking their fingers in his mouth, he's going to resist.

"People were lying on his back and stomach. He was struggling because they pulled him."

Fellow drug user Mario Foy, 29, told the court he had been taking cocaine since he was 15, but insisted he had no idea Mr Sandeman was a dealer and denied bringing the £1,715 to his flat to buy drugs.

Officers previously told the inquiry that Mr Sandeman was seen putting a "fairly large" bag of white powder in his mouth and chewing on it as officers urged him "20 or 30 times" not to swallow it.

Mr Sandeman, who had been convicted of dealing cocaine at the T in the Park festival several years earlier, was pronounced dead within an hour of the raid on his home on 6 May, 2011.

The fatal accident inquiry, which is expected to last about two weeks, continues before Sheriff Fiona Tait.

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