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Man stabbed escort 44 times before raping two others

Steven Mathieson and the crime scene in Springfield Drive
Image caption Steven Mathieson and the crime scene in Springfield Drive

A man has admitted murdering a 23-year-old woman in his Falkirk home before raping two others.

Steven Mathieson stabbed escort Luciana Maurer a total of 44 times on 4 December while his partner was on a night out, and while his four-year-old son slept next door.

The 38-year-old then abducted and raped two other escorts near the body.

Mathieson pleaded guilty to rape and murder charges at the High Court and will be sentenced at a later date.

He was caught after the two women he had abducted, aged 26 and 22, escaped from the Springfield Drive house naked and sought help from neighbours, who called police.

Mathieson himself then called the emergency services, telling the 999 operator: "I've been high on drugs and I've killed a prostitute."

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Image caption Mathieson admitted stabbing Ms Maurer a total of 44 times

The High Court in Glasgow heard that the car salesman had spent a normal day out Christmas shopping with his family and going for a meal with his children, while his partner of 10 years went on a works night out.

However, having dropped one of his children off at his gran's and putting his younger son to bed, Mathieson got his phone and arranged for an escort to come to the house.

Romanian-born Ms Maurer, who had moved to Scotland from London a few days earlier, arrived at the house at about 23:00.

Mathieson, who was high on cocaine, stabbed her 44 times, before sending a text to his partner simply reading "sorry".

'High on drugs'

Two more escorts Mathieson had phoned for then arrived at the house, and found him sitting calmly on the sofa. He led the pair upstairs to the bedroom, where they saw Ms Maurer's body lying on the bed.

Mathieson grabbed two knives from a drawer and blocked the door, demanding the women surrender their mobile phones and strip naked.

He raped both of them in the bedroom, before repeating the act downstairs in the living room, telling them: "I've done this to show my wife something."

When he went to the window, thinking his partner had returned, the women ran for the door.

Mathieson gave chase, striking one of them on the leg with the knife. Still naked, his victims made it to a nearby flat where they called for help.

Mathieson himself dialled 999 and told the operator: "I've been high on drugs and I've killed a prostitute.

"Tell the officers I am not aggressive. I'm sitting on the couch. I had two other girls, but I've let them go."

Officers attended and found Mathieson in the living room. He got down on his knees and held out his hands to be arrested.

His partner arrived home at 02:00, and was described as being "hysterical" when she discovered the police presence.

'Extremely distressed'

Det Insp Dave Pinkney, from Police Scotland's major investigation team, said: "The incidents that took place within the property in Springfield Drive led to the death of one woman and left two other females traumatised and extremely distressed having been the victims of serious sexual assaults.

"I would like to thank the victims and the family of Luciana Maurer for their courage and assistance during the course of this investigation.

"While nothing can undo the pain Steven Mathieson's actions have caused, they can take some solace in his conviction as we await his sentence."

Local area commander Ch Insp Mandy Paterson added: "The murder and subsequent police activity impacted greatly on the community at the time.

"This early guilty plea will be welcome news for those who have been affected locally and beyond."

Mathieson will be sentenced on 7 May at the High Court in Livingston.

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