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Police crackdown after wave of Stirling bike thefts

Police have launched a crackdown after a wave of bicycle thefts in Stirling and Clackmannanshire.

More than 70 bikes have been stolen in the area since the start of March, with many being sold on locally for a fraction of their worth.

One bike recovered by police was valued at £2,500, but had been sold for £20.

Officers raided a number of properties in the Raploch area of Stirling on Friday, recovering several bikes, and charged four men with various offences.

A spokesman for Police Scotland said: "It will be obvious to anyone being offered these bikes, by virtue of their sale price, that they are stolen and it is an offence to knowingly purchase stolen property.

"In times of austerity, it may be tempting to accept a 'rogue's bargain', however the impact of the initial theft on the victim is significant.

"Local residents have had their sheds broken into and their homes targeted by those responsible for the thefts, and the subsequent sale of the bikes. No 'bargain' can justify this, and those who buy stolen property from these individuals only encourage them to commit further crime."

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