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Dundee man jailed for £28,000 raid on parents’ home

A man who raided his parents' Dundee home and stole more than £28,000 worth of cash and jewellery has been jailed for 15 months.

Rickie Tait stole a safe, which he later broke open with a screwdriver, while his parents were on holiday in Canada.

The 37-year-old drug addict took £19,300 in cash and £9,000 worth of jewellery in the raid.

Tait managed to spend almost £1,500 in the hours before he was apprehended.

Dundee Sheriff Court heard that Tait had previous convictions for theft, robbery, police assault and housebreaking.

Depute fiscal Eilidh Robertson said: "The accused is only allowed in the house if other family members are present."

'Borrowed money'

She added: "On 8 July last year the accused's parents were on holiday in Canada and he attended around 9pm and asked to borrow money.

"His sister was there and refused, but he contacted his mother and she said he could borrow £35 and stay overnight as long as he left in the morning with his sister and her partner."

Ms Robertson said that after leaving, Tait's sister's partner returned to check on a dog and found the dressing room forced open and the safe stolen.

Tait denied the theft when confronted at his home but his sister found money hidden behind a boiler.

Ms Robertson said £17,820 was recovered from the accused's home.

'Awful offence'

"There had initially been £19,300 in the safe. The remainder of the cash was unrecovered," she said.

"The jewellery was valued at £9,000 but only a £350 watch was recovered at the home of an associate."

Tait, a prisoner at HMP Perth, admitted a charge of theft.

Solicitor advocate Jim Laverty, defending, said: "To have stolen from his parents was disgraceful and he is disgusted with himself.

"He realises exactly the depths to which he was willing to go to finance his drug addiction.

"This was an awful offence and he accepts that."

Sheriff Alastair Carmichael told Tait: "I'm afraid I'm not persuaded I can deal with this by anything other than a custodial sentence."

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