Daniyal Shahzad friends 'sad' at deportation speed

Friends of a Pakistani teenager who lied to stay in the UK say they are upset they have not had a chance to say goodbye ahead of his deportation.

Daniyal Shahzad, 19, has lived in Wales since 2008 after claiming asylum, saying his name was Ahmer Rana and his parents were missing, feared dead.

But his friends and foster family say they are stunned by the speed he was moved to a Cardiff police station.

The UK Border Agency said Mr Shahzad had "had every opportunity to leave".

Mr Shahzad originally claimed asylum in the UK at the age of 14.

He has since admitted his parents are alive and well. He said he was under pressure to send money home, and had come to the UK to get a good education.

Soon after arriving, he moved in with foster parents John and Lesley Hillard in Nantycaws, Carmarthen, and more recently became an A-level student at Queen Elizabeth High School.

But his story unravelled after supporters presented a 4,000-signature petition against his deportation to the Home Office.

Mr Shahzad has apologised for the deception and had said he had hoped to be able to stay and finish his A-levels.

As he was moved to a police station in Cardiff on Wednesday, his foster family were told he would be returned to Pakistan within 72 hours.

'Really sudden'

Allan Carter, acting head, Queen Elizabeth High School, said people were "stunned and shocked" at the speed of the action.

He said: "We still call him Ahmer. He settled back in to class, [was] accepted back in by all his peers. We were hoping that he would be allowed to complete his examinations.

"I've had long discussions with him. He would have gone back of his own accord straight after his exams."

Deputy head girl Katie Arnold said: "I think it's been really sudden. I thought if he was going to leave, we would have like a notice period. He'd have time to say goodbye to family and friends.

"But we haven't seen him. We haven't had a chance to say goodbye. I think it's been quite harsh in a way."

Depuy head boy Ian Slate said: "It's really quiet in the common room. I think everybody is disappointed, saddened. Nobody can quite believe it. Everyone's still shocked."


Mr Shahzad will be taken to a detention facility before being returned to Pakistan.

The UK Border Agency said: "Mr Shahzad has known he was in the UK illegally and has had every opportunity to leave.

"When people are here illegally, we are left with no choice but to enforce their removal."

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