Volcanic ash cloud hits several Cardiff Airport flights

Several flights in and out of Cardiff Airport have been affected as volcanic ash heads towards the UK.

Flybe arrivals and departures between Cardiff and Paris, Glasgow and Edinburgh have all been cancelled.

Eastern Airways has also cancelled flights between Cardiff and Aberdeen.

Passengers are advised to check with their airline or tour operator after the ash cloud from the Icelandic volcano was forecast to spread across Scottish airspace.

Ash from another Icelandic volcano led to huge disruption to flights in Europe last year.

There is also disruption to flights in and out of other UK airports, including Bristol, Liverpool John Lennon and Manchester.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said ash levels would now be graded as low, medium or high, and airlines would be notified if levels reached medium or high.

Airlines would then consider whether to fly, according to risk assessments already carried out, the CAA added.

BBC Wales weather presenter Sue Charles said the Met Office was monitoring the eruption.

"The movement of the ash plume will depend on how long the volcano continues to erupt and how weather patterns develop," she said.

"As far as the weather's concerned, the outlook is very changeable later this week, with areas of low pressure likely to track across the north of the UK.

"That means the wind's relatively strong, breaking up the ash, and quite variable.

"A more northwesterly wind is forecast on Thursday. That wind direction is like a conveyor belt from Iceland to the UK so we're keeping an eye on that."

The Grimsvotn volcano in Vatnajokull National Park began erupting on Saturday with ash rising to 20km (12 miles) but, although still active, is now not as powerful with a plume of 13km (8 miles).

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