Silk commission could have 'profound effect' - chairman

Image caption Paul Silk was a clerk to the Welsh assembly until 2007

BBC Wales has trawled through pages of Welsh government expenditure to find out where your money goes.

But the way the Welsh government is funded could change. An inquiry is considering whether it should have some tax powers.

Here Paul Silk, chairman of the Commission on Devolution, says the findings could have a profound effect on you.

Meeting for the first time last Friday, the commissioners were united in their desire to work together to deliver proposals that will benefit the people of Wales, and also be of benefit to the United Kingdom as a whole.

The commission has therefore agreed a sensible and practical approach to part one of its remit - to review the case for the devolution of fiscal powers to the National Assembly for Wales and to improve the financial accountability of the assembly.

Borrow and tax

The seven commissioners will look at the full range of taxes and revenue generating powers to understand the implications and suitability of transferring them to Wales. Consideration will also be given to how to improve Wales' financial empowerment through borrowing and taxation powers.

It is a challenging and complex task that will require wide stakeholder and public engagement. Over the coming weeks and months the commission will engage with people across Wales to gather a range of views and evidence to inform its work.

This will begin with a call for evidence which will be published very shortly on our website and sent to a variety of stakeholders.

The commission's recommendations could have a profound effect on every individual, every workplace, every community in Wales, and indeed the United Kingdom. That is why we are keen to hear from people from all walks of life - the business community, third sector organisations and charities, academics and from individual members of the public.

It is important that everyone has the opportunity to contribute to this debate and help to shape Wales' fiscal future.

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