All aboard the Devo-CoCo-HoCo!

A quick three in one today: who is on the West Lothian Question commission, why the councillor you elect in May might be around for longer than you thought and where Plaid's internal review is headed.

As I suggested yesterday, the former chair of the All Wales convention, Sir Emyr Jones Parry, will be sitting on the UK Government's commission whose job it is to kick around the West Lothian Question, or, if you're of a cynical bent, kick it into the long grass. If, I said.

Its snappy title is the "Commission on the consequences of devolution for the House of Commons." The Sillk Purse prize for making something out of that particular mouthful, goes, so far, to a Mr Price on Twitter and DevoCoCoHoCo. It could catch on.

Two other stories to look out for on a busy day:

The Welsh Government is mulling over a move to delay the 2016 local elections until 2017 to avoid a clash with the Assembly elections. The Local Government Minister, Carl Sargeant, has written to councils and political parties to tell them he is proposing to postpone the elections scheduled for May 2016 by a year, and seeking their views.

So that councillor you elect in May for four years, may still be around in five.

And Plaid Cymru will this afternoon reveal what an internal review of the way the party works, the way it talks to its members and to voters, has concluded. Eurfyl ap Gwilym's report is eighty pages long. Publishing an "eighty pager" doesn't always mean there's an awful lot to say but on this occasion, I gather, it does.

Expect some recommendations that point to big challenges and suggest big changes.