Tables outline how counties in Wales are coping with downturn

BBC Wales-commissioned research looks at resilience in Wales across four key themes: BUSINESS, COMMUNITY, PEOPLE and PLACE. It also compares the change in resilience, comparing each county's ranking with where it was placed in 2010.


How strong is the local business base? Is it dependent on sectors that have been impacted by the challenging economic climate? Does it have a high number of firms proven to adapt to difficult economic conditions? Have many firms have gone out of business? Are businesses dependent on only local markets, or do they export?


How high is life expectancy? How many people claim benefits? Does the area suffer from deprivation? How many households are vulnerable to long-term unemployment? How many households are vulnerable to declines in disposable income? How cohesive is the community?


Is there a large working age population that can contribute to the economy? How many people have high skills levels? How many people work as managers and how many people work in elementary roles such as cleaners and refuse workers? How much do locals earn on average?


What are GCSE attainment rates like? How high is the local crime rate? What is the value of local office space?