Wrexham and Conwy councils discuss poor economy in north Wales

Councils across north Wales need to work together to improve the region's poor economic performance, councillors in Wrexham and Conwy have been told.

Figures show the region's economy is not performing well, with high youth unemployment and low inward investment.

Councillors in Wrexham and Conwy are urged to back an Economic Ambition Strategy which urges the region's six local authorities to work together.

Flintshire, Denbighshire, Anglesey and Denbighshire will also need to back it.

A report supported by Wrexham's Executive Board on Tuesday said: "This collaborative initiative has stemmed from concerns about the performance of the north Wales economy relative to other parts of Wales and the UK and the need to improve performance and strengthen economic growth."

It added: "The purpose of this initiative is to highlight the key weaknesses in the regional economy, look at what the local authorities are currently doing, identify where changes should be made and to redirect resources to make a greater impact.

"Economic indicators show that the north Wales economy has low productivity (71% of the UK average), low levels of new firm formation and high levels of youth unemployment.

"Of particular concern is the lack of inward investment which has been attracted to the region over recent years."

While each council would retain its role in developing its own local economy, the strategy will aim to co-ordinate areas such as strategic infrastructure, upgrading the skill base and re-balancing the economy.

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