BBC launches online service in Welsh

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Media captionBBC Wales launches a new online service for Welsh speakers - Cymru Fyw

BBC Wales has launched a new online service for Welsh speakers.

BBC Cymru Fyw will offer both news and features, while also directing users to the best Welsh language content from the BBC and beyond.

Available on computer, tablet and mobile, the service will feature a stream of live news updates between 08:00 and 18:00 on weekdays.

The BBC Newsat Ten presenter Huw Edwards called the new site a historic milestone.

"I remember clearly the launch in 1977 of Radio Cymru, and S4C's triumphant appearance in 1982, two huge milestones in the history of the language," he said.

"It could be argued that Cymru Fyw's launch is just as important as those big events."

Sian Gwynedd, BBC Wales' head of Welsh language programmes and services, added: "We hope the new Cymru Fyw service will appeal to Welsh speakers of all ages throughout Wales and beyond, offering a service that's unique and up-to-date.

'It's essential the service is available on all devices and easy to use, and the intention is to get more people using, not just Cymru Fyw, but all the other high quality and interesting content available online in Welsh.'

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