Gwent Police 'thank' Facebook taunting criminal

Logan James Image copyright Wales News Service
Image caption Logan James is back behind bars after telling Gwent Police: 'Catch me if you can'

Police have issued their own message to an on-the-run criminal who taunted them on Facebook, after he was arrested and returned to prison.

Logan James poked fun at Gwent Police in his web posting, taunting officers to "catch me if you can". They did.

The 19-year-old from Caerphilly had breached prison release terms after being convicted of a knife attack.

Officers said they would like to thank him for "drawing attention to our efforts to return him to prison".

"This demonstrates our commitment to finding and arresting people who fail to abide by the terms of their release from prison," said Supt Marc Budden.

James was arrested in the Caerphilly area on Sunday evening, and has now been returned to prison custody.

Earlier that day he had bragged to a news agency: "They are not going to be able to catch me - I won't let them. They have been round my mum's house four times a day but I'll be out for at least a month or two before they get me.

"I have only been out for a week so I want to be out a bit longer before going back in. I'm still near my home and I haven't seen any police yet. I have been walking around near home so they're not trying too hard to catch me."

James received an eight month sentence for wounding, affray, common assault and being in possession of a knife after being convicted in July.

He was recalled to prison after failing to attend probation service meetings.