How well do you know Pinewood Studios?

Pinewood has been a name synonymous with cinema for nearly 80 years. As the studio marks a year since plans for its Cardiff off-shoot were unveiled - we take a look back at some of the films made there over the years.

Try taking our picture quiz. Answers (or if you want to cheat) at the bottom.


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Image caption The Bond film Goldfinger was made at Pinewood in 1964, but who played the lady painted in gold?
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Image caption Which star drops by to see friends Alan Ladd and Joan Tetzel filming Hell Below Zero?
Image copyright AFP/Hulton Archive
Image caption Two British stars on set and in uniform in the 1950s. Who are they?
Image copyright Douglas Miller/Hulton
Image caption Jazz interludes with Norman Wisdom but which unlikely figure is playing the drums in the other picture? Clue - he's not at Portmeirion
Image copyright Rosemary Matthews/Hulton
Image caption A miner role - but for which film adaption was Trevor Howard taking a bath in 1960?
Image copyright Rank
Image caption High camp - how many Carry On films were made at Pinewood between 1958 and 1992? 18, 28 or 31
Image copyright Keystone/Hulton
Image caption Two giants from different eras in 1966 - who is that with Marlon Brando?
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Image caption Plenty of classic TV was made at Pinewood too - here are the New Avengers in 1976. But who were they they? Give yourself extra points if you can name both actor and character
Image copyright Keystone/Hulton
Image caption A £150,000 Honeywell computer was the basis for the 1967 set of Billion Dollar Brain with Michael Caine. But what was his character called, which he played in five films?
Image copyright AFP
Image caption Polishing the Aston Martin for the new James Bond film Spectre. But what does SPECTRE stand for in the Bond films and books?
Image caption The Cardiff production operation was unveiled a year ago

Answers: 1: Shirley Eaton was the actress in Goldfinger 2: Gregory Peck; 3: Alec Guinness and Kenneth More; 4: Patrick McGoohan in All Night Long; 5: Trevor Howard was in Sons and Lovers; 6: 31; 7: Charlie Chaplin, who was directing his final film A Countess From Hong Kong; 8: Joanna Lumley (Purdey), Patrick MacNee (John Steed) and Gareth Hunt (Mike Gambit). 9: Michael Caine as Harry Palmer, the spy created by Len Deighton. 10: SPECTRE - SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion

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