More diverse workforce needed, says BBC Wales director

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Media captionRhodri Talfan Davies made his speech at the Wales Millennium Centre

Wales' creative industries, including the BBC, have to do more to employ people from more diverse groups, one of the corporation's heads has said.

BBC Wales director Rhodri Talfan Davies was speaking at the All-Wales Annual Race Equality Conference in Cardiff.

The industry must work harder to show it is not "a closed shop", he said.

He told delegates that "we need to look harder for the talents that will help break new ground and overthrow the old orthodoxies".

Mr Davies outlined BBC Wales plans to address the issue of under-representation of people from different backgrounds, including the appointment of a specialist recruitment role, additional traineeships and apprenticeships and open reporting of progress against targets.

In his speech, the head of the broadcaster in Wales highlighted the industry gap when it comes to representation in the workforce of those from ethnic minority backgrounds.

About 1% of people working in Wales' creative industries come from a Black, Asian or other ethnic minority group - despite accounting for roughly 4% of the population.

"These figures would be troubling on a pan-Wales basis," he told the conference.

But he also added that it is "deeply concerning" if the figures for Cardiff are scrutinised - where much of Wales' creative industry is concentrated - and the percentage of the population from an ethnic background rises to 16%.

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