Wales one of the best places to see solar eclipse

Image caption The chart shows the best times to see the eclipse in different parts of the UK

Europe's first solar eclipse in over a decade will happen Friday morning at about 09:30 GMT and Wales will be one of the best places in the UK to witness it.

The phenomenon happens when the moon passes between the Sun and Earth.

The sun is roughly 400 times larger than the moon and also 400 times further away from Earth, but when they pass each other to create the eclipse, they appear the same size to us.

While the eclipse will be most visible in the Arctic and northern Europe, with the best view in the Faroe Islands and Svalbard, the spectacle we have in Wales will depend on the amount of cloud in the sky.

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Media captionCarwyn Jones finds out the safest ways to watch the eclipse, including using a colander

Some high cloud is expected Friday morning, but this should be fairly thin.

There will be some good breaks in the cloud during the morning and clear spells with spring sunshine, especially further south.

People are being warned about the dangers of looking directly at the Sun.

Timings of the eclipse on Friday:

CARDIFF: Starts: 08:22:38 Maximum: 09:27:55 Finishes: 10:37:20. Eclipse magnitude will be 0.88

ABERYSTWYTH: Starts: 08:23:38 Maximum: 09:28:38 Finishes: 10:37:41. Eclipse magnitude will be 0.90

COLWYN BAY: Starts: 08:25:21 Maximum: 09:30:23 Finishes: 10:39:20. Eclipse magnitude will be 0:91

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