TripAdvisor criticised for excluding Welsh reviews

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Travel website TripAdvisor has been criticised for not allowing reviews to be published in Welsh.

Tour guide Emrys Llywelyn told BBC Wales it was "disgusting" that the company refused to publish his bilingual restaurant review.

Arfon MP Hywel Williams said TripAdvisor's lack of Welsh "undermines confidence".

TripAdvisor said adding a new language takes "a significant amount of time and investment".

Mr Llywelyn, who runs Caernarfon Walks, or DroDre, said: "There must be some law to prevent companies like this behaving in a disgusting way towards the culture and the language."

He previously complained about the issue in November.

Welsh language commissioner Meri Huws said she contacted Tripadvisor in 2015 drawing attention to the official status given to the Welsh language, and advising them of practical steps as to how to use the language.


TripAdvisor currently operates in 28 languages.

A spokesman said: "Unfortunately, the process of adding new languages to TripAdvisor is one that does takes a significant amount of time and investment - it is not simply a 'flick of the switch' process.

"We must ensure that every language in which we operate is fully integrated into our moderation and fraud detection tools and processes.

"We also have to ensure our investigation and content teams consist of analysts fluent in that language too.

"Without those safeguards in place, we cannot publish content submitted by travellers in that language."

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