GCSE maths results for thousands in Wales

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Image caption Some students were re-sitting their GCSE Mathematics or Mathematics-Numeracy in November

Thousands of Welsh students are getting GCSE results after sitting maths, English language and Welsh language exams in November.

Results show 48.5% achieved A* to C grades in Mathematics Numeracy and 45.9% in GCSE Mathematics.

There were almost 54,845 entries for GCSEs in November 2017, 4.5% fewer than the year before.

The Welsh Government has announced changes to encourage fewer so called "early entries" in future.

The two reformed maths qualifications were sat for the first time in November 2016.

The overall A* to G pass rate for both maths qualifications was up this year but those achieving the top results in numeracy was down - from 12.5% for A* and A grades in November 2016 to 11.1% this time.

But Qualifications Wales said it is difficult to make meaningful comparisons because of a significant drop of 32.4% in entries for the exam, and the fact that the maths results included re-sits this year.

More than 22,000 students took GCSE maths and slightly fewer took the numeracy exam.

The English and Welsh language results were re-sits, with 47.8% achieving A* to C in English and 52% in Welsh.

Education Secretary Kirsty Williams has said that new rules will be introduced to discourage pupils sitting exams early

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