Mid Wales

New Quay South Beach shut after 15,000-litre slurry spill

A beach has been closed after a tank on a farm in Ceredigion burst, leaking 15,000 litres of slurry.

The slurry found its way into a small stream leading to the sea at South Beach in New Quay which has been cordoned off.

Mid and West Fire and Rescue Service say an unknown quantity of slurry entered the water.

A fire crew and an environmental protection unit from Llanelli attended the scene on Tuesday afternoon.

A Natural Resources Wales spokesperson said it had worked with the fire service "to make sure that as much slurry as possible has been contained on the site, and this slurry is currently being tankered away offsite to be disposed of safely.

"We believe that the quantity of slurry that has entered the stream and the sea will disperse quickly this evening with the tide and the wind, and is unlikely to have any significant or lasting impact on water quality.

"Our officers will continue to monitor the situation over the coming days."

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