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Queensferry residents want action over brothel concerns

Residents are calling for action over an alleged brothel opening in their Flintshire neighbourhood, with men stopping them to ask for directions.

Householders and traders in Queensferry say some of the men are in a drunken state, and even knock on their doors asking where the building is located.

They believe the brothel has recently opened close to homes, but a company which lets a property allegedly being used says there is no brothel.

Flintshire council is investigating.

Queensferry county councillor David Wisinger said he has asked the council to investigate people's concerns.

"Residents are up in arms," he said. "It is upsetting them. People don't want this in Queensferry.

"There have been people seeing men coming late at night asking 'where is the brothel?'"

The councillor said the community had opposed a sex shop opening in Queensferry in the past due to concerns about the close proximity between shops and homes, adding such businesses have to be in the "right place".

Businesses in Queensferry are situated mainly on or around the main Station Road, with residential properties nearby and in the surrounding streets.

Mr Wisinger said among several complaints he received about the alleged brothel is one from a woman who had a knock at the door of her home from a man enquiring about its location.

Meanwhile, traders on Station Road also have concerns with one worker saying he has been asked directions to the property.

There is understood to be an established massage parlour in the area but Mr Wisinger said he is not aware of the building and has not received any complaints about it.

He said members of the local residents' and business association were due to meet on Thursday at Queensferry Institute where the latest issue is expected to be discussed.

He says he will tell the meeting that Flintshire council planning enforcement officers have told him that they are looking into the matter and have already visited the site.

The authority has told the Leader newspaper it was "aware of local concerns" and is "investigating the use of the building".

BBC Wales has asked the council to comment.

Meanwhile, North Wales Police said it has not received any complaints and is not looking into the matter.

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